Distressed denim and drippy chain, crystallized orchids and creamy pearls. Recycle jeans in the BEST way by turning them into edgy jewelry! These orchids came from a broken hair clip, so why not reinvent them with a scrap of denim for glam grunge style?…… V 90’s but still v 2017.
To make your own, cut a piece of jean material (I used a thick part of the pant leg here – don’t use a very thin or stretchy piece, as the fabric will be too weak. Distress it with a metal file, Xacto knife and/or bleach dye it. Sew on your favorite stones and more, then finish with ribbon ends. As ‘ya can probably tell, I didn’t have a long ribbon end, so used 2 smaller ones. With the weight of the piece, it actually holds better.
Currently creating a bunch of pieces for a string of shoots next month – DIYs coming as well ☆☆☆

The girl can draw! For this post, I’ve teamed up with young artist Maddi (of YouTube account @maxy_sama) for a collab post featuring her art and my jewelry!

I thought Maddi’s Joker drawing was the perfect inspiration for a necklace design. Hobby Lobby has an entire line of DC Comics themed charms, pendants and jewelry components — I designed this Joker dog tag from the collection (I’m really #TeamHarley!) and knew it would work great in a beaded necklace design.

More of Maddi’s whimsical drawings can be seen on her Instagram account (@Maxysama_art) – her YouTube page also has a ton of great videos showing how she creates these fun characters.

I also decided to do a small interview with Maddie to encourage other young artists out there!

1.What are you some of your inspirations for drawing?

A: Well honestly I draw whatever comes to mind, and that mostly involves me watching a video via YouTube or watching a   show. I like to think that, they put out an image and it’s up to the viewer to bend and manipulate it at will. That gives me the creative freedom to express whatever I want it to be.

2. How old were you when you started to draw?

A: I was starting to do it faithfully around fourth grade so maybe around, nine or ten.

3. What are your favorite characters to draw?

A: I draw Steven Universe, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Overwatch characters mostly.

4: Do you have any tips for those who may want to start drawing?

A: It will not happen immediately, and trust me it will be frustrating. But don’t ever stop trying, as cliché as it sounds, it means something. A lot of people had said “how do you draw so well?” And I respond in a way anyone who was in my shoes would say “practice” and they will still say “but you’re good” so I say “No, I practice”. It sounds like a brainless throw away line Picasso would have used, but it is really useful. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and felt like I should give up. But I didn’t and it got me here, therefore I’m thankful for that.

So, whether you’re #TeamJoker or not (the collection also includes #TeamHarley, #TeamBatman and #TeamSuperman), I’ve included a full DIY on how to create a similar necklace yourself. The Joker’s signature green color pops here, courtesy of neon nylon cord. Mix fun, bright colors for an eye-catching design!

Which team are you?!

Follow below for the full tutorial……

Step 1: Gather materials. You’ll need 0.8mm nylon beading cord (in a bright color!), glass or acrylic beads in various colors, a #TeamJoker dogtag pendant (buy it at any Hobby Lobby store!), scissors and glue.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of beading cord that are 2″ the final length you want your necklace and string your dog tag pendant onto the middle of both strings. Tie an overhand knot securing the pendant to the middle.

Add a bead to each cord, then tie the cords into a knot, grouping the beads. Don’t tie too tight, leave room for the beads to lay flat.

Step 3: Continue knotting beads onto each side of the cord. I love these splatter beads (these are Cousin brand, and you can find at Walmart stores) because I feel they embody the Joker perfectly!!

When the necklace is long enough to pull over your head without a clasp, tie both ends into a knot.

Create a sliding knot by cutting a 10″ piece of nylon cord, laying it under all four strands.

Knot a square knot sequence with the 10″ cord, pulling snug but not too tight. Once you’ve got about 5 knots, cut the excess and glue or thread burn the ends. This creates the sliding portion of the knot, and adjustable closure. Knot on beads to the other loose ends of cord and cut the excess to finish.




Springtime strolls came with a side of hurricane-like wind! Not complaining, though, because it definitely complimented the free-spirited vibe of this shoot! Special thanks to Mischa for bearing the crazy weather 🙂
Drawing inspiration from Coachella and music festival style, these four looks mix textures, patterns and colors for multilayered glam! Stacked accessories are sort of my MO, ’cause I say the more the better. As a bonus, I have the full tutorial on how to make the embellished bandana (a few photos down) on my CraftPaperScissors post here — embellished bandanas are the new trending accessory, and more than doable to create yourself. Bandanas are an alternative to heavy necklaces – I do like a good statement necklace, but they get awfully heavy. These bandanas are lightweight and soft, and don’t give you neck strain!
Strangely enough, we rushed to finish up this shoot just at sunset (mimicking what happened in our last shoot, see it here) despite starting a bit earlier. One day we’ll get the timing right!

Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom
Photo copyright Quiet Lion Creations, model credit @MischaBloom

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley




A spoonful of stardust and sprinkling of slightly Madonna-style layering work well together for an updated 80’s-type aesthetic. Layer sheer embroidered shirts under a ripped cable knit, then PILE on the contemporary-chic sparkle of Swarovski jewelry. Finish with some choice platform sneakers (more on these later) like all the cool kids are doing.

This unassuming, dingily-lit laundromat, complete with a sketch vending machine (honestly, probably not updated since the 80’s) matched the mood perfectly. The dusty ecrus and yellowed tones of a dated decor provided our somewhat eerie backdrop – how did this and the deep red chairs coincidentally match my outfit to a “t”?! Maybe it’s part of the master plan?

I’m definitely obsessed with the velvet creepers by Rihanna’s Fenty Puma collection (not the $150 pricetag) so I found some cheaper creepers and added crystals, of course. Glue flatbacks (mine acrylic, use Swarovski if you want to be a fancy pants) on the velvet for added embellishment.

Calling all my henna enthusiasts, I hate to break it to ‘ya but jagua is really the way to go. I’ve done henna for years but it’s time to break up and embrace the darker side of the jagua gel. It’s sooooo easy to use, no crumbling and dries quick, stains super dark and easily. I used the Henna City Jagua Kit here to get my hand tattoo – it stays on for about 1-2 weeks (I am careful when washing my hands) and stains amazingly well. Designs on the palm are literally pitch black. This stuff is serious – be SUPER careful in application, don’t get the gel literally anywhere you don’t want it. IT WILL STAIN ASAP (you don’t see it at first, but darkens overnight — the first time I used jagua, I had spots of it all over my drawing arm, hand and face — eekkkk!). The small bottle also is so much easier to use than henna cones, and the mixture doesn’t lump or clump. Looks like a legit tat. Are you sold yet?

As for the jewelry, in true Madonna style, layer the f out of it. Some of my favorite jewelry materials are safety pins – add ’em to chain (or large statement pieces like this one!) for instant grunge. They also are helpful at holding a multiple elements together (chain, bead drops, etc) and can reinforce pieces for strength. Tom Binns is definitely my inspiration for the continued safety pin usage.

Lastly, can we discuss this amazing journal below (thanks Jennifer!) – black, metallic gold, so much yessss.

Gotta bounce, bye!

○ ☽ ○ ☆ life on the other hand won’t let you understand why we’re all part of the masterplan ☆ ○ ☾ ○

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Fashion Lookbook by Allison Beth Cooling Quiet Lion - Photo by Delane Ashley

Hair Bun Cuffs - Quiet Lion Creations
You wear jewelry around your neck, wrists, and in your ears – why not make some jewelry for your hair? With this DIY Hair Bun Cuff tutorial, I take feathers, crystals, bangle bases and glue and create sparkly hair jewelry.

Check out the FULL post on my CraftPaperScissors page here!

Hair Bun Cuffs - Quiet Lion Creations

Hair Bun Cuffs - Quiet Lion Creations

Hair Bun Cuffs - Quiet Lion Creations

Hair Bun Cuffs - Quiet Lion Creations

Tomorrow night is quite possibly one of the most anticipated nights of any movie or fashion lover’s year. I’m honestly more excited for tomorrow’s Blackhawks and Cubs games, but I’ll play along for a bit to tune into the Oscar fashion highlights. I’ve got my top {predicted} fashion trends below which I think will rule the Red Carpet. Coming from a mix of past award shows, designer shows and insight, Pantone colors and more, we’re sure to see at least some celebs sporting these trends. I’ve partnered with StyleWe to show you how you can get designer style without spending the big bucks – follow below!!

Trend #1: Red!

2017 Oscar Fashion

Carrie Underwood’s Grammy look – the deep crimson red lace dress with flare sleeves – was ultra chic. Most celebs I think try to shy away from matching the red of the carpet, but I think her choice might spark a red revolution! If they’re gonna go bold, there will definitely be a bit of ruffles or flare accents (popular with many high end designer runway shows as well) mixed with the hue. Extra dramatic. You can get the same Oscar vibe with a burgundy tunic top, leggings, and heels. Or, go for a lacy cocktail dress and combat boots for a bit of grunge.

Trend #2: Cold Shoulder

2017 Oscar Fashion

The weather’s still a bit chilly in most of the US, but sacrifice a bit of comfort for fashion here, people. Shoulder cutouts are everywhere, and I predict a lot of celebs going shoulder less or strapless with their dress silhouettes. Again, we’re seeing flares and ruffles/pleats mixed in these pieces as well, so be on the lookout. Get the style yourself when you buy a shoulder-less romper dress or mini, tights and ankle boots.

Trend #3: Natural Beauty

2017 Oscar Fashion

Inspired by Alica Keys’ story about no makeup, a back-to-basics mentality is sure to spread in fashion. Neutral tones, simple silhouettes and a “natural” look will surely influence beauty looks. Be on the lookout for celebrities sporting less makeup, blush colored nails and relaxed hair.

So sit back tomorrow night, grab some popcorn, and watch the festivities if you wish! Happy Oscars!

This shoot’s a tropic PUNCH of color – mostly thanks to a stunning floral arrangement which complimented my almost monochromatic statement necklace perfectly. You already know my draw to these imperfectly perfect tangled necklaces (view some other creations here and here), but this time, something’s new. If you see the focal crystal below, an unusual texture shines on the surface. Courtesy of my buddy Atlas the Python, it’s snakeskin – before you jump, scream or cringe, hear me out. Ever since my Snake Charmer post back in October, I’ve been scrounging things up to add more snakeskin to. It’s kind of my favorite new technique – definitely unique, it’s got people guessing. And most yes, cringing, when they figure out the “mystery”. Why y’all hatin’ on snakes?! Don’t be a hater.
Pairing two snakeskin-embellished crystals with chain, silver spike components, rhinestones, ivory pearls, safety pins and mixed metal chain is so much yessssss. I tangled everything up in true Quiet Lion style, holding it together with the safety pins and adding pops of pearl and sparkles in the empty spaces. It’s all about asymmetry in these pieces! I promise, promise, promise one day I’ll finally make a full DIY on how to make your very own (I know, I said this last post too), so stay tuned!
I love pairing these necklaces with tunics, skinny jeans or leggings, combat boots and a beanie. Because I gotta keep it a bit casual, gotta “grunge” it up. These necklaces do get extremely heavy (anyone who has made similar pieces knows!) so I don’t suggest wearing them the whole day. I mean, unless you want neck strain. But, sometimes, you must sacrifice comfort for fash-unnnnnn.
Anyway, enjoy this inspo post, basically to hold you over ’till I post another true DIY. Sorry it’s been a while – new pieces are always in the works!!

Hat Trick by Quiet Lion Creations - Chicago Fashion


If there is one thing I obsess over (besides making jewelry, of course) its my Chicago hockeyyyyyyy. The Blackhawks logo looks oh-so-chic when created from what else – Swarovski crystal. The triple thread of sparkle, shine and shimmer creates a true statement accessory.
I started out with a logo template, which I laminated and used as a base. I placed each flatback carefully atop my template, using Gem-Tac to secure them. Gem-Tac is great – it dries clear, and doesn’t smell as offensively as other adhesives. After the piece dried, I clipped the logo out and glued it to the purse. I contemplated adding this to a black bag, but the fire engine red made the colors pop – the more contrast, the better. Plus, red’s our home color. The result? #Superfan status, cash that ousside.
Because I know a die hard would call me out on it — I couldn’t get the small yellow loop at the bottom of the hair to work with the crystals – too small a space. So I settled on filling it with black, hopefully no harm done! I had to alter the feathers a bit and the forehead lines as well, for the sake of my crystal sizes!
Even though this bag looks a little fancy to be carrying around somewhat conspicuously in an alleyway, paired with sneakers and a beanie, that’s the best way to match it. I love me the mix of high and low – and I also love carrying it around here in Florida, amongst Lightning fans #sorrynotsorry.
Here’s to a Cup in 2017 – and many more to follow!

These pieces just ooooozzzzeeee bohemian glam. I paired up with my crafty P.I.C. Bianca of Mhm, That Girl to create these sparkly centerpieces – view our group tutorial here!

We’ve outlined our exact steps – carving, “glitterizing”, tattooing and more (tattooing the candles, that is) so my fellow gypsies can recreate these looks with their own candles. And tip – use cheap dollar store pillar candles. Don’t spend big bucks – you’ll have them lookin’ all luxe and expensive after you give them their makeovers!

Below is my quick photoshoot showing some ideas for these candles – use them as decor, as centerpieces, or as simple pops of color and sparkle around the house. Thanks to Bianca for that sick Ouija dish too – matches perfectly with the candles, my Skully necklace (see more here) and some tarot. Peace!

Peacock Neck


Pins and needles, pearls and purple orchids mix and mingle in this edgily chic necklace. Some of my favorite pieces to make are these huge chunky statement necklaces, tangled up with a mix of chains and beads. I want to at some point do a tutorial for you guys – but the truth is, half the time I don’t know what I am making ’till it’s finished! I truly just tangle, braid and scrunch up strands, holding them together with safety pins and jump rings. These necklaces do get a bit heavy, so if making your own, I suggest using double jump rings and a heavyweight toggle clasp instead of a lobster claw closure!
The focal peacock rhinestone component is a brooch I simply clipped onto the necklace, securing with a bit of wire. If you’re not a fan of brooches, try clipping them to necklaces or even on hair ties (if small enough) for a change! You can see this piece in action on my model Karlee in my latest lookbook here. Enjoy the inspo!

Peacock Necklace by Quiet Lion Creations

Content within this post is copyright Allison Beth Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
If you’d like permission to use a photo, email me at info@quietlioncreations.com