Hat Trick by Quiet Lion Creations - Chicago Fashion


If there is one thing I obsess over (besides making jewelry, of course) its my Chicago hockeyyyyyyy. The Blackhawks logo looks oh-so-chic when created from what else – Swarovski crystal. The triple thread of sparkle, shine and shimmer creates a true statement accessory.
I started out with a logo template, which I laminated and used as a base. I placed each flatback carefully atop my template, using Gem-Tac to secure them. Gem-Tac is great – it dries clear, and doesn’t smell as offensively as other adhesives. After the piece dried, I clipped the logo out and glued it to the purse. I contemplated adding this to a black bag, but the fire engine red made the colors pop – the more contrast, the better. Plus, red’s our home color. The result? #Superfan status, cash that ousside.
Because I know a die hard would call me out on it — I couldn’t get the small yellow loop at the bottom of the hair to work with the crystals – too small a space. So I settled on filling it with black, hopefully no harm done! I had to alter the feathers a bit and the forehead lines as well, for the sake of my crystal sizes!
Even though this bag looks a little fancy to be carrying around somewhat conspicuously in an alleyway, paired with sneakers and a beanie, that’s the best way to match it. I love me the mix of high and low – and I also love carrying it around here in Florida, amongst Lightning fans #sorrynotsorry.
Here’s to a Cup in 2017 – and many more to follow!