No, this post is not one of my usual look-alikes.
It’s just a super-simple and super-quick one, using findings I had laying around.
Feel free to use whatever beads you have laying around to make a totally original design!
Plus, you can make these earrings as long as you like. Mine were about 2″ or so. The chic metal chain, against the pop of color from the beads make for a cool, city vibe!
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, 4 ribbon ends, earwires, two headpins, beads (crystals, or whatever you have lying around, make sure you have two bigger ones), and box or snake chain (the kind without links).

Step 2: Cut two equal lengths of your chain. Attach ribbon ends to each end, using superglue on the inside of the ribbon ends for extra hold. Attach ear wire to each chain.

Step 3: Arrange beads on your headpin, make a loop, and insert it into the other end of your chain.
Repeat for second earring. 
How easy was that!?
I love the look of the silver snake chain; it looks very elegant and much more sophisticated than cable chain. Make these in gold as well for a different look.
These are also surprisingly light, if you use plastic beads like I did!


All photos and instructions copyright Allison Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated!