When it comes to rocking a necklace, there are a few fashion rules that are worth knowing. Below are a few tips on how to wear a necklace while complimenting the rest of your outfit.

Contrast a flashy necklace with a plain dress

When it comes to large chunky necklaces and striking pendants, it’s a good idea to contrast these with a fairly plain dress or top. If you wear an elaborate dress or top, it could distract from your necklace or it could simply feel as if there’s too much going on. Something plain and neutral will ensure that your necklace stands out.

Contrast a simple necklace with a flashy dress

Likewise, you should pair flashy dresses and statement tops with simple necklaces. This could include a simple thin chain necklace or a string necklace with a subtle pendant (check out this guide on how to make your own pendant necklaces). Such necklaces won’t distract from the rest of your clothing or make your outfit look too busy.

Wear short necklaces with crew neck tops

If you’re wearing a top with a crew neck collar, avoid wearing a long necklace. The best necklaces to compliment these tops are short necklaces that hang just below the collar. You can also pair a crew neck top with a subtle chain choker necklace.

Wear short necklaces with strapless necks

When it comes to strapless tops and dresses, you’re better off sticking to short necklaces or no necklace at all. Choker necklaces work really well with strapless necks as they keep the top of your chest open. Wearing a strapless bra will also help to show off your shoulders.

Wear long necklaces with turtlenecks

If you’re wearing a top or a dress with a turtleneck collar, consider contrasting this with a long necklace. High collars and low hanging necklaces balance each other out well by not competing with each other. Long necklaces are sometimes referred to as rope necklaces – explore different styles to find one that works for you.

Don’t wear a necklace with long dangly earrings

Necklaces tend to not pair well with long dangly earrings. It may feel like there’s too much going on jewelry-wise if you try to wear these earrings with a necklace. A necklace is best worn with simpler earrings. You can still wear earrings with pendants with a necklace, but these pendants shouldn’t hang down too low and should be subtle. When wearing a metal chain necklace, make sure to match the metal tone of your earrings.

Match v-neck collars with v-shaped necklaces

V-neck collars work well with v-shaped necklaces that help to emphasise that v-shape. Chain necklaces with pendants are more likely to form a v-shape than bead necklaces. Avoid wearing a visible bra that may distract from your necklace – balconette bras work well with v-necks because they have lower cut cups. When it comes to plunging v-shaped necklines, consider wearing a lariat necklace.


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