tiger queens JULY 8, 2020 2020 has brought us many things these past months, including the hit Netflix show Tiger King. I’d say this shoot was less Joe Exotic and more Exotic Chic, where a rugged backdrop meets silk, sparkling jewels and sleek sophistication. united states of ✨ sparkle 🇺🇸 I pledge allegiance to the … Continue Reading

DIY Hanging Flower Vases

How dreamy are these DIY Hanging Flower Vases?! They’re gorgeous for a backyard wedding (or party), adding a “fairytale” vibe to your space. I’ve partnered with Beacon Lane to create these chic decor pieces for your next outdoor event. Simple enough for all #DIYers to make, I’ll show you the steps below to replicating this look … Continue Reading

DIY Sailor’s Rope Vases

These show stopping DIY Sailor’s Rope Vases are perfect for backyard and outdoor weddings! I partnered with Beacon Lane to create these beauty-chic centerpieces, and am sharing the easy DIY with you all! The rustic vibe of the cotton cord contrasts against transparent glass vases perfectly- and the best part is that they are quick … Continue Reading