Please – contain your excitement. I know any of my sparkle lovers are going cray right now over this totally luxe, totally glitzy belt. And the best part? You can totally make this. Yep. It’s not hard, trust me.

A “river” of amethyst glass crystals, contrasted by vintage-style gold rhinestone spacers and chunky gold chain makes for a totally royal accessory. The technique of just simply stacking these beaded charms next to another between chain, like a crystal sandwich if you will, allows for maximum sparkle and shine.

What’s also great is the versatility; you can wear it as a belt, like through your jean loops, you can clasp it over a tunic top or blouse, and you can even wear as a necklace, I’ll show you below. This is entirely made from Pandahall materials, which you can buy online (I’ve got the full list in the tutorial). No, these aren’t Swarovski crystals, but they could totally pass as some. Right?!

My birthstone is amethyst, so the deep purple color totally matches my style. You could really use any color crystals, and any color chain. What’s great about this chain is that it’s aluminum, so it’s lightweight. The crystals do get pretty heavy, so using a lighter-weight chain does help. I’ve also finished with a chain and crystal tassel, because, um why not?

Exhibit A: over a tunic top. Please ignore the somewhat broken hair tie on my wrist, and focus on those sparkles. Adds a totally dressy vibe to an otherwise somewhat casual outfit, right?!
Enough talk, let’s begin.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers (wire cutters, roundnose for loop making, flatnose), 5X9mm gold aluminum chain by Pandahall, 8X6mm Purple faceted rondelle crystals by Pandahall, 10mm crystal spacers (similar Pandahall ones here), a gold clasp, and either thin gold wire OR eye pins (I have headpins shown here to make one beaded dangle, so technically you’ll need one headpin).

Start by making bead charms by adding a crystal, spacer, crystal, spacer and crystal to an eye pin. To make a loop on the other side, bend the eye pin at a 90 degree angle to the last crystal, and cut the wire about a half centimeter away from the crystal. Form a loop (with roundnose pliers) out of that short piece of wire to finish the charm. Keep creating these charms. I ended up with 23 charms.
Now, cut a long piece (measure around your waist and then add about 10″ or so) and start attaching one side of each charm to the links (starting in the center then working outwards on both sides) ONE LINK APART. This spacing will keep everything from bunching up.

You should have something that looks like this when you are done adding all charms. Now, with a piece of chain as long as the first one, start attaching the other side of each charm, starting in the center of the chain. You should end up with a long flat panel like you see in the third image.

With the ends, simply cut each chain four links away from the last beaded charm. Then, with a single piece of chain (you can use the rest of a piece you just cut off), group the two loose ends together. Do for other side as well. It should look like the first image. I then made a bead tassel with extra chain and beads, and attached this with a jumpring to one side of the panel. For the two loose ends of the belt, attach a clasp to one side and bead dangle to the other.

So there really is no right or wrong way to wear this belt. You could put it through the loops of distressed jeans, pair it over a long tunic top (as I’ve done above), or throw it on with something totally hippie like a tie dye shirt. The whole point is its versatility; I’ve even got pics above of how it looks as a necklace. Because why not?! This would be a great accessory for the music festival season (hello Coachella, Lolla, etc). BTW, if you want to know how to make that arm cuff (on Nikoletta at the right), head over to my Crystal Armband tutorial here.
If you’re not into the whole gypsy look, I’d style this with a black tunic top, leather leggings and ankle booties for a more upscale vibe. What’s great is that you can make these belts in different colors; try a simple clear crystal plus silver chain for a modern palette. Or, go with black crystals and gunmetal chain for a gothic punch. You could even use gemstone beads (maybe turquoise rounds with copper chain?) for a more earthy, rustic feel. If you do follow this tutorial, be sure to post your creation to Instagram and tag me @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!


Total luxury without the price tag. I’m thinking that some other cool combinations might be clear crystals and silver chain for a super modern look, turquoise crystals and copper chain for a southwest look, black crystals and gunmetal chain for a slightly goth look, or even use pearls instead of crystals for a vintage vibe.

Exhibit B: as a necklace. Same tunic top. Different look. You dig?

A special thanks to Pandahall for these awesome supplies! You can follow them on Facebook for product updates and more.

Hope you had as much fun making this as I did. And remember, if you follow any of my tutorials, post an image to Instagram and tag me @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!!
All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. DO NOT POST OR REUSE WITHOUT CREDITING and linking to me, thanks!