This colorful necklace caught my eye.
The little petals reminded me of paint chips; and guess what?
I had a bunch of unused ones laying around. Instant DIY.
This is a great tutorial that uses a recycled product, the paint chips; don’t throw everything away! You can make great stuff with things you’d throw in the trash!
You can make this in any color combination you want.
You can also use gold or silver wire, to customize the look!

A definite statement necklace! Sort of bird-of-a-feather meets handmade-chic. 
Make multiples in different colors to go with every outfit!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are paint chips, scissors, lacquer, pliers, jumprings, chain and thick wire (not sure what gauge, it doesn’t totally matter either. Just make sure it’s not too bendable).

Step 2: Cut your petals. Cut a template out of another paint chip. My petals measured a little less than 1″ long, but you can make yours any size you want. 

Trace your template on your paint chip underside, and then cut. I used 5 different colors. I cut and used about 16 petals. 

Step 3: Take your wire, cut about 4″. Loop one end with pliers, bend into a U shape, and loop the other side. Depending on how big you want your pendant, and how many petals you want, you can cut less or more of the wire. Poke holes through the top of the paint chips. Quickly coat the chips with a thin layer of gloss, for shine and protection.
 Let dry, then use jumprings to attach petals to wire holder. 
Add your chain to the ends of your wire pendant, attaching with more jumprings. 

A wide array of cool colors!


All photos and instructions copyright Allison Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
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