I like this bracelet. It has a cool hippie vibe, and helps bring some part of the summer to the winter! From Aurélie Bidermann, this simple wrap bracelet can be made within like 15 minutes or less, seriously! And, it sells for a whopping $110! Really? Make yours at home for literally a couple bucks, if that. 
All that’s needed is a large peace-sign pendant, and some embroidery floss. Too easy, too cool!

My version!

Step 1: Gather materials. All that’s needed are scissors, a large peace sign pendant (you could use other colors or other materials (Bidermann uses a mother of pearl charm), mine was a turquoise one.), and embroidery floss in green, blue, red, orange and yellow.

Step 2: Knot on the floss. Start with the yellow. I used about 10″ of each thread (because when folded in half when you knot, it will equal 5″ on each side of your pendant). You need to cut enough thread just to make sure you can tie on the bracelet to your wrist. I have small wrists and ended up cutting some thread after tying. So adjust as necessary. To make the first knot, just thread the string over the front of the peace sign, then thru the hole behind. Where you see that open loop at the end, thread the ends (you see in my left hand in the first pic) thru that hole, front to back. Pull the ends tight to the pendant.

Step 3: After the yellow, tie on the orange. Then red, blue, and green. Do the same to the other side. To wear, tie on the loose ends and leave the ends long. If they are too long, you want like a couple of inches, cut down like I did.
Finished; easy, right!

From Aurelie Bidermann

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