This is a super-easy tutorial for any beginning jewelry maker.
Pros can also follow this one as well, as the necklace comes together really quick and can be customized to make tons of different kinds of necklaces!
You will just need three “ingredients”, and you can make this in less than 15 minutes!
I used pearls from Prima Bead for the second necklace, which contrast nicely against the crystals.

These look really dainty and fancy and are perfect for any occasion.
Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed is a necklace chain with a clasp, roundnose pliers, wire (about 22 gauge), and beads; you can use crystals, pearls, anything.

Step 2: Make the loop; start with a length of wire that is about 5 inches or so. About three quarters of an inch from the end, make a sharp 90 degree bend in the wire with the pliers. Place your roundnose right where the bend starts, and loop it around in the opposite direction, creating a nice, even, neat loop. When the wire has looped and met the place where it starts, wind it around the long piece of the wire to close. Don’t wind it around more than twice otherwise you will get a big ugly bunch of wire. Cut the wire right flush to finish.

Step 3: It should look like this. Add your beads, and make another loop at the end to close. Look at the pictures if you need help.

It might help, if you have extra wire, to cut the wire shorter first before winding as it can be a little hard to cut the wire flush if it’s right up against the beads.

Step 4: Now, measure the middle of your necklace chain: open the middle loop of chain and detach it from the rest of the chain. Add one of the end loops of your bead panel to this loop, and close the loop.
Repeat with the other side of your bead panel, using the other side of your necklace chain to complete and finish off the necklace.
There you have it! Simple.

Layer these for a cool look, and make them in different colors and metals to match all outfits.


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