Another “beginner” tutorial, this time for a cool painted arrowhead necklace! These can be made for women or men, just by switching up the colors with the cord and the paint! 

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This is a super-easy necklace to make, and can be layered with other necklaces for a cool look. This is just a long tie-on necklace, so you don’t even have to bother with a clasp. 
Step 1: Gather materials: needed is a paint brush, nail polish and/or acrylic paint, an arrowhead (small), cotton cording, and wire (the gauge doesn’t matter so much, maybe 20 gauge or so). You will also need pliers and wire cutters. You may choose to use beads as well. I used metal beads of differing sizes; try maybe pearls or glass beads for a contrast! Maybe even add a crystal for sparkle….


Step 2: Cut a piece of wire a couple inches long. Wrap a couple of times around the niche in the arrowhead, starting in the middle of the wire, and then bring the ends together in the back of the arrowhead. Twist the wires, and use one of the wires to make a loop (bring the excess wire down to meet the twist again), and use the other wire to wrap around the excess wire.


Step 3: Make a couple of wraps, and then cut both wires flush. It helps to add a little glue on this to seal it, I use E-6000 glue. Then, paint your arrowhead as you want it; you can use neon colors for girls, or to make this a men’s necklace, use dark colors! Paint any pattern you want!


Step 4: Cut a length of cotton cord that’s large enough to go over your head comfortably, plus 2 inches. String on your arrowhead, and if you choose, any beads. To lock the beads in place, tie two knots on either side. It looks cool to have the beads in an asymmetrical pattern! To close the necklace, tie a tight knot with both the strings, and glue this knot to seal.
These are cool by themselves, but layering them with other necklaces gives a boho look! 


Simple enough for beginners, but really anyone can make these!
If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated! Don’t use my photos without crediting me please!



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