This shoot’s a tropic PUNCH of color – mostly thanks to a stunning floral arrangement which complimented my almost monochromatic statement necklace perfectly. You already know my draw to these imperfectly perfect tangled necklaces (view some other creations here and here), but this time, something’s new. If you see the focal crystal below, an unusual texture shines on the surface. Courtesy of my buddy Atlas the Python, it’s snakeskin – before you jump, scream or cringe, hear me out. Ever since my Snake Charmer post back in October, I’ve been scrounging things up to add more snakeskin to. It’s kind of my favorite new technique – definitely unique, it’s got people guessing. And most yes, cringing, when they figure out the “mystery”. Why y’all hatin’ on snakes?! Don’t be a hater.
Pairing two snakeskin-embellished crystals with chain, silver spike components, rhinestones, ivory pearls, safety pins and mixed metal chain is so much yessssss. I tangled everything up in true Quiet Lion style, holding it together with the safety pins and adding pops of pearl and sparkles in the empty spaces. It’s all about asymmetry in these pieces! I promise, promise, promise one day I’ll finally make a full DIY on how to make your very own (I know, I said this last post too), so stay tuned!
I love pairing these necklaces with tunics, skinny jeans or leggings, combat boots and a beanie. Because I gotta keep it a bit casual, gotta “grunge” it up. These necklaces do get extremely heavy (anyone who has made similar pieces knows!) so I don’t suggest wearing them the whole day. I mean, unless you want neck strain. But, sometimes, you must sacrifice comfort for fash-unnnnnn.
Anyway, enjoy this inspo post, basically to hold you over ’till I post another true DIY. Sorry it’s been a while – new pieces are always in the works!!

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