The moody blues are feelin’ floral.

I’ve got here a vintage-inspired manicure using Born Pretty‘s rose nail decals, plus extra glitter and polka dots.

The bottom base blue is IBD Just Gel Blue Haven.  

After being somewhat skeptical to gel polishes, now they are the ONLY kind I wear. My nails do not break, even through me making jewelry and other crafty items.

The rose decal here adds the right amount of vintage touch. This same decal sheet also comes in a red/orange and purple scheme. And it’s only $2.39 for the whole sheet….

Nothing is complete without glitter. The glitter here is from Claire’s.

And of course my obsession with the double-sided manicure. I went simpler this time with a purple-pink color underneath, to match with the purple rose decals. Last time, I did a pop of neon yellow but this manicure called for something more subtle.

A vintage purse completes the look!

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