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Here I go with stars again! These earrings from By Boe cost $60, but you can make yours at home out of scrap wire!
This time, it’s a tutorial for these simple wire earrings. These act as hoops but are way cooler. And, they don’t take any time at all to make. All you do is bend the wire!

The 5-minute DIY
Since this tutorial uses cookie cutters as molds, you can basically make any shape hoop you want. Experiment!

Step 1: Gather materials. All that’s needed are pliers, wire (I used craft wire, but you can use sterling if you have sensitive ears. I think the gauge was about a 20 or 18), and a small cookie cutter.

Step 2: Make the hoop. Cut about a foot of wire. Starting about 1.25″ from the end, tightly press against one point of the star. Continue to bend the wire, pressing firmly against the cookie cutter all around to mold the wire to the star shape. If you have a different shape, still use this method. The more accurate you bend it to the cookie cutter, the better and more symmetrical your hoop will come out.

Step 3: When you’ve reached your starting point, gently slide the wire off the cutter. The point of the star is what will be going into your ear. So, as you see in the second pic., cut both long wires from either end to about 1″ or so. Bend the wires to look like pic. 2. One should go straight back, and the one coming up from the bottom should go up then bend right where the other intersects horizontally. With this bottom wire, form a loop from the end up till that bend place where it intersects with the horizontal. As seen in the last pic, this horizontal wire should fit in the loop, as a closure for your earring, if you did it right!

Step 4: Your earring is finished! That straight part goes through your ear and the loop acts as a closure. If you need to bend any of your wires to correct the shape, do so now!

From By Boe

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