DIY Hair bun cuffs

You wear jewelry around your neck, wrists, and in your ears – why not make some jewelry for your hair? With this DIY Hair Bun Cuff tutorial, I take feathers, crystals, bangle bases and glue and create sparkly hair jewelry. Check out the FULL post on my CraftPaperScissors page here!

DIY Hair Ring Charms

My pretties….these DIY Hair Ring Charms come together in minutes – but add a bohemian flair to any braid or updo. I quickly added them to my braid for this pic – but I love adding them to buns as well. The rings simply twist open and closed and are lightweight – add charms or … Continue Reading

amethyst crystal belt

Please – contain your excitement. I know any of my sparkle lovers are going cray right now over this totally luxe, totally glitzy belt. And the best part? You can totally make this. Yep. It’s not hard, trust me. A “river” of amethyst glass crystals, contrasted by vintage-style gold rhinestone spacers and chunky gold chain … Continue Reading

Spooky Spider Nails; a Halloween DIY

Halloween is coming…. time for a spooky tutorial! Here is how to make your own spiderweb nails for Halloween. It’s pretty simple, just takes long to clean up.  Step 1: Gather materials. You need a small dish filled with water (this is my paint mixing dish, so that’s why it’s so dirty! 🙂 ). Get … Continue Reading