DIY Mermaid Laptop Cover

Get ready to surf (see what I did there?! 🙂 ) in style with this Crystal Mermaid Laptop cover DIY! Use shells, gems, metal charms and more to create a sparkly accessory any sea or land creature would love! This is a great beginner project, as I simply glued all these pieces to a pre-existing … Continue Reading

DIY carved glitter candles

These pieces just ooooozzzzeeee bohemian glam. I paired up with my crafty P.I.C. Bianca of Mhm, That Girl to create these sparkly centerpieces – view our group tutorial here! We’ve outlined our exact steps – carving, “glitterizing”, tattooing and more (tattooing the candles, that is) so my fellow gypsies can recreate these looks with their … Continue Reading

DIY crystal phone cases

Text in style with these DIY crystal phone cases – mixing sparkly gems, chains and charm dangles creates killer tech accessories that are totally customizable. Use any phone case that you currently have – the crystals definitely spruce up the look. Or, if you’re like me, create a wardrobe of phone cases that you can … Continue Reading