How to Style a Belted Maxi Dress for Day and Night

Maxi dresses started off as a trending silhouette but have now become the go-to outfit in almost every woman’s wardrobe. If you ask us, they’re the one staple piece you undeniably need for spring! Our Belted Maxi Dress is super versatile, made from amazingly soft fabric, and comfy for all-day wearing. We’re always on the … Continue Reading

ASOS Ribbon Stretch Bracelets

Who would pay $17 for two simple ribbon bracelets?! Not me. And don’t you either. Follow my tutorial below to make the ASOS Ribbon Stretch Bracelet yourself. This tutorial produces the SAME EXACT bracelets that ASOS sells. Know how some of my tutorials produce “look-alike” results? Not here.  Here, you will make literally the same … Continue Reading

ASOS Matchstick Necklace

This Asos necklace is simple yet cool. Plus, it’s totally easy to make on your own. It’s a quirky accessory that is guaranteed to catch eyes. My DIY version uses things that you surely have on hand, and comes together quick! I like the sleek look of this design. It’s perfect for those who like edgier … Continue Reading