Chan Luu bracelets are just so cool! What’s great about them is that they use simple macrame techniques to produce different results, this time with the addition of beads! This tutorial adds on to my previous Square Knot Friendship Bracelets, but utilizes the beads in a different way; on the outside of the knots as opposed to the inside. What you get is a totally different result!
These would be awesome friendship bracelets!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are 3mm glass gemstone beads, cotton thread for knotting, scissors, tape, and a bead and crimp for closure.
Step 2: Start the knots.  Cut one length of your cotton thread about one and a half times the length of your wrist. Tape at the top to your table. Cut one length of cotton cord that is about four times the length of the thread you just cut; this will be your knotting thread. Start to knot, just like how we started in my Square Knot Bracelet Tutorial.
Once you have a couple of square knots, take either side of the thread and add beads to these threads. The number of beads will depend on how one you want this bracelet. Once you’ve added all your beads (make sure there’s an even amount on each side), tie knots at the end of these threads to hold the beads on.
Now, you will do a square knot with the beads on the outside (instead of the inside like in the Square Knot Bracelet Tutorial). 
Take two beads right up to the last knot. 
Make a square knot, making sure the beads are caught in the knot and lie right on either side of the center thread. Tie one more square knot to hold the beads in place tightly.
Step 2: Continue this method.
Once you have gotten one square knot set, continue to knot in this way, until your bracelet is as long as you need. To finish, add the bead and crimp to one end, crimp to close. Make a loop with the other end (big enough so the bead fits snugly), and crimp close. This is also explained in the Square Knot Bracelet Tutorial.
You’re finished! See how easy that was?
One with bead closure, one with clasp. You choose!



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Excellent post! I just stumbled upon your blog page and gathered some good ideas for what I am working on.
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I too came across it and thought it was wonderful. For sure a lovely alternative to Chan Luu's other inspiration. I shall indeed be sharing this tutorial on my blog and will link back so others can come visit.

I made a bracelet similar to this! Thanks for the directions. Such a simple concept, and yet I probably wouldn't have thought of it myself. I linked to your tutorial on my blog. Thanks!

where did u got your little moustache clicky thing?

Thanks for the instructions! Easy to follow.

So beautiful ^^ . thnkd for the tutorial.

Used your pattern and knotted on to memory wire, easy to follow pattern and bracelet looks good! Thanks for the tutorial.

I made one of these in deep purple beads. It turned out beautiful.

Pinned this from your blog to Pinterest. Thanks for the tute!

Thanks for the tutorial!!! Gotta try this!!!

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Pearl, i am only like 2 years late here, but came across these and have made a number of them, however, i need to find out how to end these, i do the knot thing but its notease help!! so nice, i then wire thread around it so it looks nice, pl

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