Summer Lookbook Jewelry by Quiet Lion Creations

Welcome to the…..concrete jungle. Complete with quite the contrast of glittering crystals, illusion jewelry (more on this later) and a bit of velvet, it’s the perfect rocker-chic combination.

DIY-ing thrift store tees is a MUST for you crafters – simply pick up band or graphic tees at the Goodwill (usually a couple bucks!) and bleach-dye. Distress with a razor or Xacto. Embellish with crystal hot fix rhinestones, chain, safety pins etc – the look is up to you. Seriously, these upcycled tees sell for upwards of $100 in boutiques, and they aren’t nearly this decorated – design these yourself for bragging (and sparkling!) rights.

The illusion choker below was made by gluing crystal flatbacks to mesh fabric. I cut a strip and used small dots of GemTac to adhere the crystals. Do this on a flat surface (I used my countertops, oh well) and the glue seeps through a bit. But if it’s GemTac, you can easily wipe away after dry. If you are a normal person and don’t want to destroy your house with crafts, set down plastic wrap or a plastic cutting board to protect your surface. Add ribbon ends and clasps to the ends. The chokers stretch a bit, because of the fabric. Make it a bit shorter than needed and add an extender chain. You do want these to be a bit tight! They’re comfortable and flexible, so you won’t ACTUALLY choke yourself, which is good.

Stack on them bracelets – add a hand chain, as those are always necessary.

All accessories by me, excluding ring (that’s from Generation Bliss Boutique!).

Comment below if you DIY a tee- let me know how it goes!!

<ps. just deal with the creeper van in the background……>

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