Inspired by the Prada runway SP2013 RTW looks, my earrings combine the artistic patterns of Asia, the colors, and abstracted flowers. Miuccia Prada quotes her inspiration for the collection was a merge of “Japanese (style)…and the Sixties” which I thought made for a really cool combination!
Here is the more wearable version, in earring form. These earrings are super lightweight and also are very dainty.  I took heed to to the abstracted flowers and made a wire flower as the focal point. I then used red, a color from the collection, and added some gold accents with the beads and wire. 
You don’t have to use the same exact beads here as I did, you can use whatever you have lying around, just make sure the center bead is a disc bead for variety. Also, another important note is to make sure all your wrapped loops have the same amount of loops on top and bottom. This will make sure the earrings have a very clean look!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are jewelry-making pliers (roundnose, flatnose and wire cutters), 26 gauge wire, ear wires, and beads: two small 4mm red gemstone beads, two golden disc/heishi beads (flat bead with hole in the middle, like a doughnut), and then two larger ceramic print beads (similar here). You will also need two 4mm gold jumprings.
*mm stands for millimeter.
You can alter which beads you want to use, if you don’t have the exact ones I used. The middle bead should always be a disc bead, though, if you want this look.


Step 1: Cut about a 3″ piece of wire or so, and make a small loop at top, about 3/4″ away from the end, wrapping the excess wire to close. It should look like the last picture. You only want about 3 wraps so if you have extra wire, cut it flush. 


Step 2: Add on your smaller 4mm bead. End with another wrapped loop, to finish the link. Cut the wire flush again if needed. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your second 4mm bead.


Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2, but using your larger 6mm bead. You should have all four links, last picture.


Step 4: Now, start making a loop with your wire (about a 3″ piece again), however before closing, thread through the loop from your 6mm link through the unclosed loop you are working with. Finish this loop by wire wrapping and cutting flush. Your link is attached to this loop now! 


Step 5: Thread your disc bead through the wire, and bend the wire back up, wrapping it right next to the beginning to close. The disc should be lying flat, instead of sticking out horizontally.


Step 6: Thread another 3″ piece of wire through the middle hole of the disc again, wrapping a small amount (1/2″ or so) to the wire to hold the disc in place. Start a loop with the longer end, and before closing…..


Thread on the smaller 4mm bead’s loop through the unopened loop. Finish off by wrapping and cutting flush (just like in step 4). You should have what we see in the top middle picture!
Now, to make the wire flower, simply weave about a 6″ piece of wire in and out of your roundnose pliers, ’till you have what we see in the middle picture. Compress this spring, and use the end of the wire to wrap around the middle, bundling the wire (bottom left). Now, spread out the individual “petals” by gently pulling up or down, until your flower is finished out! Simply attach the loop of the 6mm bead to an earwire, and then attach your jumpring to a petal of the flower, then the loop from the 4mm link to finish!


These earrings are very detailed, which is sure to grab attention!
Mix it up with maybe silver wire or copper wire. The possibilities are endless!


Instructions copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Don’t post this tutorial or any of my pictures without crediting me, and don’t claim as your own please!