These dainty bracelets by Orelia are some of my favorites. I love to layer bracelets, and these lend themselves very well to that! They have a cool simplicity but still are unique with that cotton tassel at the clasp. The addition of a small metal bead in center sets them apart from just any other crystal bracelet!
My tutorial will show you how to create bracelets inspired by these designs, and they actually come together super-quick! You can make a ton of these in no time at all. Stick with a solid color crystal and use the same color throughout the bracelet. For the tassel, use a contrasting color for a pop!


I used Cousin Brand crystals, beading wire and metal beads for this project. Follow Cousin on Facebook and Twitter  for cool sweeps and other awesome projects! 
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, beading wire (I used from Cousin), embroidery floss, a jumpring, two crimps, a clasp, and 4mm crystals (I used the grey crystals from Cousin’s Jewelry Basics Pearl/Crystal Mix), and finally a 4mm metal decorative bead (I used Cousin’s Fluted Silver beads).


Step 2: Cut a length of your beading wire that is the lenght you want your bracelet, plus 2″. Add a crimp and clasp to the very end. Start stringing on your crystals. When you get to the center of your bracelet, add on your metal bead. Add on the rest of the crystals to finish out your bracelet. This pack has enough crystals to get one bracelet finished! You can use the pearls to make many other things, such as my Mathias Chaize bracelets!


Step 3: Make a tassel. Take your embroidery floss, and wrap 9 times around your index and middle fingers. Cut the thread at the bottom of the wrap. Gently take off your fingers (do NOT wrap super-tight!)


Step 4: Add a jumpring to catch all the wraps; then, cut a small piece of floss and tie a knot around all the threads, right under the jumpring. Cut flush to the tassel.


Cut off the ends horizontally, creating your tassel! Make sure all the ends are the same length. Add this jumpring onto your bracelet; finish by adding a crimp, then your clasp, and then thread back through the crimp. Pull the wire to tighten, and then crimp shut and cut the excess wire flush.
I kept the scheme sophisticated and cool; neutrals with a pop of red and blue! However, if you like brighter accessories, go Kate Spade on us try a combo of emerald crystals with watermelon-pink floss! Go nautical with a mix of red floss and blue crystals, with a white pearl in the center.
Follow the fall fashion trends with a pastel mix of aurora borealis-coated clear crystals with a pale pink tassel.
Guys could even make these with wood beads, and a metal bead center.
The possibilities are endless!


These literally took me less than 10 minutes to make. These would also be great friendship beads, maybe if you had a heart bead center, or even a metal alphabet bead.


Instructions and photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not use without permission and do not claim as your own!

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