These pieces just ooooozzzzeeee bohemian glam. I paired up with my crafty P.I.C. Bianca of Mhm, That Girl to create these sparkly centerpieces – view our group tutorial here!

We’ve outlined our exact steps – carving, “glitterizing”, tattooing and more (tattooing the candles, that is) so my fellow gypsies can recreate these looks with their own candles. And tip – use cheap dollar store pillar candles. Don’t spend big bucks – you’ll have them lookin’ all luxe and expensive after you give them their makeovers!

Below is my quick photoshoot showing some ideas for these candles – use them as decor, as centerpieces, or as simple pops of color and sparkle around the house. Thanks to Bianca for that sick Ouija dish too – matches perfectly with the candles, my Skully necklace (see more here) and some tarot. Peace!

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