Summer Lookbook Jewelry by Quiet Lion Creations

Blues, teals, grey and silver sparkles star in my latest collection. I mean, you can’t go wrong when mixing chunky chains with crystals of all sizes – it’s become my go-to match lately.

A variation on my DIY Stardust Sparkler necklaceΒ is featured here – but includes bugle beads and crystals. I layered a silvery grey over a black one for maximum sparkle – if that’s your style! Check out the tutorial here to make your own!

Lobster clasps have been making a surprising uptrend in jewelry, but as focals instead of the usual hidden closures. Hence my pave lobster choker above, complete with a Swarovski spike. To make it yourself, cut a piece of chunky chain that’s 2″ longer than choker length (measure your neck). Simply attach the Swarovski spike to one end with a large jumpring. Attach a pave lobster claw (you can get great ones on Etsy) to the other end. To wear, simply clip the claw in the chain, letting the spike dangle.

That lovely pave crystal drop pendant was a gift from a co-worker – I simply added it to chain along with a few matching pave beads for a simple drop necklace. Try it yourself, maybe mixing it up with an agate pendant and gemstone beads for an earthy look.

For the SwarovskiΒ Edelweiss necklace, I used a hammered link as an open frame for the pendant. Intertwine a strand of gemstone chips (here, labradorite! Labradorite is emerging as a top-trending gemstone for the next season. It’s been all over at shows like MAGIC Vegas and Accessories NY) into oval chain for added texture.

Ok, I admit I’m lazy sometimes – I usually finish off anything with a good ‘ole stack of stretch bracelets. But by mixing gemstones with pave beads, chains, crystals and more, your stack doesn’t have to be boring. Plus, they come together in minutes and are easy to wear πŸ™‚

However, we can’t go on without talking about my DIY crystal spike boots (a couple images down). You need to make ’em pronto!!! If you’ve got any boots that have sort of seen their day (the black faux leather was coming off the heels) — reinvent them! I peeled off the black leather to reveal the smooth surface underneath. I spray painted the heels silver (to match the crystals and spikes – this step is key! It makes the crystals blend in, so if you have small spaces between the crystals, those spaces disappear and don’t distract). Use E6000 or GemTac to glue on small crystal flatbacks and/or studs and spikes to the heels. Use a good amount of glue – you want ’em sturdy, so you can walk around without losing any sparkle! I wore these for a few days at MAGIC in Vegas, and I lost a few stones (plus got blisters on my feet, should have picked more comfy shoes) but was able to re-glue said stones. Don’t run marathons in these shoes, ppl!

If you try any of these techniques, let me know in the comments! Happy crafting!

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