These mini evil eye friendship bracelets are just the I always am wondering what to do with all my seed beads — I’m not patient enough to embark on an intense woven piece, so these little charms are perfect for those who want just a taste of bead weaving.

What’s awesome about these is that you can make them in a rainbow of colors, and they come together really quick. They are a new take on the old friendship bracelet pattern, and the hint of Swarovski crystal in the center dresses them up a bit. Always good.

You’ll finish these string bracelets with a macrame sliding knot clasp, so they can be taken on and off, unlike those embroidery floss knotted ones. They are super lightweight and great for layering with other pieces. They give that minimal-bohemian chicness to any outfit, and the bright neon colors will definitely catch eyes!

I’ve got the full pattern for these beauties below, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are colorful seed beads (I used size 11), .8mm nylon knotting cord, 4mm crystal bicones, 6mm glass rounds (some pretty ones here and here), 4mm jump rings, 28g silver wire, scissors and wire cutters. You will also need superglue to glue the knots.

Step 2: Cut about 1.5 feet of wire. Thread on a jumpring, and then 3 seed beads. Take the righthand side of wire and thread back through the last 2 seed beads you strung on the left side, from top to bottom. Pull tight to hold. Thread on 3 seed beads to the lefthand wire, and again, thread the righthand wire back through the beads, from top to bottom. Pull tight again. They should stack upon another.

Step 3: Repeat this technique. On the next layer, thread on 5 seed beads. Then 7 seed beads. Now, to form the middle of the eye, thread on 4 seed beads, 1 accent seed bead (in a different contrasting color, one that matches the 4mm crystal you want to use) and then 4 more seed beads.

For the next layer, 2 seed beads, 2 accents, 1 crystal, 2 accents, and 2 seed beads. After that layer, reverse the order of layers, to close the rest of the eye. Look at the picture above for help!

Step 4: Close the eye. After you have made a 2 bead layer, thread on a jumpring and a seed bead. Thread back through the seed bead and jumpring, then twist the wire and cut to close. Bend this wire closure to the back and bend flush so it doesn’t poke.

Cut two 2′ pieces of knotting cord. Tie each to a side of the eye, and secure with overhand knots.

Step 5: To finish, cut an 8″ piece of knotting cord and tie a small square knot sinnet (about 3 knots), grouping all threads together. Don’t tie these knots too tight here, as this will be your sliding knot.

Cut the ends of this thread flush, and then either thread burn them or superglue. If you superglue, be very careful to not catch any of the middle strands in the glued part, or they won’t move!

Simply tie off the ends and use your 6mm glass beads as accents. It helps to measure this bracelet over your wrist and find the exact length you need to leave the string, so that it isn’t too big or small.

Repeat these steps over and over again to make many more!

Like I said, these come together quick – I made six of these in an hour. If you are a beginner, the first bracelet will take you longer. But once you get the hang of the pattern, you’ll be able to whip ’em up! These also make great birthday or holiday gifts, and you could even add charms to the jump rings to personalize even more.

I think these would also look amazing if you used metallic seed beads, like silver and gold – it would definitely give them a totally upscale look. You could also switch out the middle crystal for a 4mm gemstone bead. Use gemstones like rose quartz, adventurine, fluorite or amethyst to give your bracelets extra mystical power!

If you make any of these for yourself and your BFFs, post the final pics to Instagram and tag me @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!

Because I take all photos for my blog, the images within this post are all copyright Allison Beth Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations. If you’d like permission to use a photo, email me at

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