Turquoise, Green Adventurine, crystal rondelles and a Swarovski Pave rhinestone bead combine in this rustic-style wire wrapped bangle.
I’ve combined all three of my favorite jewelry-making materials here:  * c r y s t a l s *,  * g e m s t o n e s *, and mixed metals. The less it matches the better.
The palette here was inspired by a tropical beach sunset – the greens and blues of the ocean, plus the hints of pink from the sun. That middle sparkly pave bead was courtesy Cousin Corporation – who is the certified distributer of Swarovski Create Your Style products to all the major craft stores. Usually, that pastel pinkish-purple is not my go-to color. But it works great here!
Turquoise has a variety of metaphysical powers; relating to the Throat and Heart chakras, it is said to promote an open mind, serenity, love and communication. Adventurine gives the wearer luck, which is always good, right?!
The evil eye shape was inspired by one of my favorite symbols. There are many legends associated with the Evil Eye, and each one varies with culture. Overall, the Evil Eye is said to ward off bad spirits or ill will. It is especially popular in European countries and Mediterranean/Middle East countries, like Greece and Turkey. I have an antique golden Greek evil eye pendant that inspired this larger version.
The wire I used was also from Cousin Corporation, and I hammered it on concrete with a regular hammer because I’m into that distressed, weathered, grungy look. Especially when mixed with super sparkly, fancy-looking crystals. Oh, the contrast.
This accessory is lightweight and while the wire is still bendable a bit, it’s strengthened by the hammering. It’s called “work-hardening” (usually not done to totally flatten the wire, just secure it a bit ).
Gold and copper may seem strange – but I think the less it matches, the more bohemian it will look.
I originally made this to be an arm cuff (work on the upper arm)…
But it’s super versatile, so I can tighten it to fit my wrist too!
I can wear in the middle too. Sounds good to me.
The wire wrapping is a little haphazard – I was making it up as I went.
I wear this with a knit poncho-type shirt, leggings and combat boots. When do I not wear combat boots? Only when I’m not wearing my Charlotte Olympia kitty flats * * *
I need to layer this up with other bracelets and rings! This would also look cool with a long tunic top and strappy sandals for a summery vibe.
Keep on watch for more cuff creations coming soon – some tutorials in the works too!
All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling – DO NOT POST OR USE images without crediting me and linking to me!

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