It’s October already?! I mean, I literally dress the same no matter what season: all black, boots, and loads of jewelry. I’m not a firm believer in winter/summer style, or dressing specifically for any season. However, this fall particularly, I feel is style GOLD.

There’s a couple trends in fall style that are just TOO GOOD to ignore. I usually would divert from anything that everyone else is doing, but I don’t mind supporting F/W 2017’s aesthetic.

Why not dress up plain black leather chokers with Swarovski crystal? The ones you see here I created simply by using Swarovski Hotfix and an iron to adhere these crystals to suede. There’s a lot of thin leather wrap-style chokers out there as well – however, I prefer the big, chunky ones! Create your own wrap by simply cutting a few feet of flat suede, and wrapping around your neck. Tie in a bow at the front and let the ends dangle down. CHIC.

We’ve seen embroidery and embellished clothing making a major comeback ever since Gucci introduced that oh-so-famous satin bomber. I’m so on board! I’ve pulled a few pieces from for the above collage. You NEED an embroidered jacket this season, I repeat, this is not a drill! I also love the mix of Eastern-inspired icons (mostly birds and floral) mixed with fringe for a bohemian edge. I’ve added the links below to these three StyleWe pieces, they were my favorites from the site:
1. Multicolor midi dress
2. Black fringe kimono blouse
3. Red wide neck top

So there you have it, simplified, as it should be. Happy fall everyone!!