It’s time for a fiesta!
The bright, bold, crazy actually, vibe of these bracelets just screams “party”! For this tutorial, I have used all materials from Goody Beads. They are an online retailer with loads of different “goodies” for beaders and crafters. If you need it, they have it. Shipping was insanely fast as well. I got the beads in two days! Can’t beat that.
From stringing materials to charms to crystal, ceramic and enameled beads and more, it’s a one-stop-shop for any project. 
Get connected with them for updates, promos and more!
I was inspired by summery stacking bracelets and the colors of a Mexican fiesta to make my versions. Goody Beads’ rhinestone chain is a must-have; so sparkly and a great, heavy quality. There are so many finishes and rhinestone colors/sizes to choose from.
I used three different styles: crystal, ab coated and lime green.
I’m also using great silk cord and ribbon, which give the bracelets a luxe look. I used them for braiding and wrapping. Goody Beads’ leather is also great for knotting.  You can get all different colors and sizes.
With around $60 of materials I was able to create all of these bracelets, and have materials leftover.
Another favorite material of theirs is their Chinese Knotting Cord. You literally get a huge amount (12 yards) for the $3.50 they charge. Use this cord for your next macrame project to get clean, even knots each time. Plus, the cord is super bright and colorful, and seals easily because you can melt/burn the ends (unlike if you were using hemp for macrame projects). Give the dated art of macrame a color-pop update!
I’m kind of obsessed with Goody’s Czech Glass pyramid and spike beads; these are just my style! Plus, they add a bit of edge into the colorful bunch. I am also using embroidery floss I got from my local craft store to make the tassels, because tassels rock.
I’ve made 10 different style bracelets, but in all, I ended up making 12 bracelets, a whole armful. The macrame knot that I will be using for some of the bracelets will be the square knot; it’s so easy! I have included directions here, but if you need extra help I’ve linked to my other square knot tutorials. 
Some of these bracelets work up quicker than others, especially the dainty initial one. The initial charm is so lightweight yet intricate, perfect for making bracelets. It’s always good to mix dainty and chunky, different textures and colors, and different shapes for a cool, contrasted look.
Are we ready??!
Bracelet No. 1
-Simple Knotted Wraps-
I have three wraps here. The tutorial shows you how to make a single wrap (the gold/blue).
Gold Jumprings
Gold Clasps
Gold Ribbon Ends
3mm Gold square beads
Step 1: Gather your beads and leather. Start somewhere in the middle of your entire piece of leather. Tie a knot. Add three beads…

Step 2: Tie another knot! Add three beads….repeat. Seriously, EASY!
Keep doing this until you reach your length; I made two that wrapped one time and one that wrapped three times. I can’t give you an exact length you’ll need for your leather, too many variables. I used the standard length that came from Goody Beads and made this bracelet and another one of a different style. Make sure the leather is at least 3 times the length of your wrist for a single wrap, just to be safe.
To finish, simply add cord ends and a clasp!
Bracelet No. 2
-Rhinestone and Silk Braided Wrap-
Embroidery Floss
Gold clasp or magnetic clasp
Rhinestone Chain
Step 1: Cut a piece of rhinestone chain and silk ribbon that is 1.5 times the length of your wrist. Then, cut that same length in three different embroidery floss colors. Take a small piece of embroidery floss and tie everything together in a knot, catching the last rhinestone link. Cut the excess.

Step 2: Simply braid everything into a strand that is as long as you need your bracelet to be. You might have to cut the rhinestone chain to fit. Tie another knot with a piece of floss at the end. Finish the ends with a magnetic clasp. I secured the ends by tightly wrapping wire around the strands. Leave about an inch of excess string and cut the rest off.
Bracelet No. 3
-Chunky Rhinestone Wrap-
Gold Clasp or magnetic clasp
Gold Cord ends
Step 1: Cut a length of leather that is 2.5 times the length of your wrist. With a length of silk cord about 3 times the length of your wrist, secure it 1″ from the end of the leather by tightly wrapping with wire. Lay the start of the rhinestone chain on the leather and wrap in-between the links with the silk cord. Continue wrapping, everything should be laying flat.

Step 2: When you’ve reached the desired length, simply finish by wrapping the leather and cord together again with wire. Add cord ends and finish with a magnetic clasp!
Bracelet No. 4
-Fiesta Wrap-
To make the tassel version, I used bigger rhinestones and green silk fairy ribbon, but the technique was the same. Simply make embroidery floss tassels by wrapping floss 10 times around your two fingers, add a jumpring around the loop. Tie near the top with another piece of floss, cut the excess. Then, cut through the loop to make the tassel.
I made all different colors, then added them with jump rings to the ribbon between the rhinestone links.
Bracelet No. 5
-Dainty Initial Bracelet-
Clasp (optional!)
Step 1: Cut a length of leather 2 times the length of your wrist. Add your charm to the middle, and knot it in place. Add three more crystals on the sides, knotting in-between.
To make an adjustable back, simply tie a knot on either side with the opposite side of cord, adding crystals at the end. You can also simply end with a cord end and clasp!
Bracelet No. 6
-Macrame Spike Bracelet-
Beading wire
Gold Clasps
Step 2: Cut a length of beading wire 2.5 times the length of your wrist. Fold in half and secure it to a clasp with a crimp and cut the excess. Start a square knot at the very end with cord that is about 7 times the length of your wrist. For info on how to square-knot macrame, view my tutorial here!
Once you have about 7 knots or so, add a pyramid bead. Knot two knots, adding a spike bead, knot two knots.
Step 3: Continue beading and knotting to the end, knotting about 7 plain knots to finish. Finish by crimping on a jumpring and cutting off the excess wire. Cut off the extra knotting cord and then melt the ends to secure by using a metal knife held under a flame. Press the knife against the end of the cord and they will melt.

Bracelet No. 7
-Macrame Rhinestone Bracelet-
I did the same technique here, but using both the pink and blue cords and beading on cut rhinestones that I had used from the excess of my other projects. 


Bracelet No. 8
-Knotted Rhinestone Wrap-

Embroidery floss
Step 1: Cut about 3 times the length of your wrist from two colors (but four strands) of floss and the silk ribbon. Tie in a knot at top. Simply tape down, and take your floss OVER the silk t the right, behind the floss towards the left, and over the beginning of the floss. Pull the knot tight (not super-tight!) with your left hand, keeping it on the left side. Then, take the silk over the floss to the left, behind the floss towards the right and over the beginning of the silk. Pull tight with your right hand. Keep this going….
Step 2: When you reach the middle, add on rhinestones or rhinestone beads  (threaded onto looped headpins) to the silk, and catch in a knot. Then, finish by plain knotting. I added jump rings and clasps at the ends and cut the excess thread.
Bracelet No. 9
Gold Wire
Rhinestone Chain, or Rhinestone/Crystal/Metal Beads
Gold Headpins
Step 1: Starting with one pyramid bead, create wrapped loops on all four sides with wire (24 gauge). Attach the next bead to it by wrapping loops, catching the first bead’s loops within. Keep doing this until you have used enough beads to make your desired bracelet length.

Step 2: Add jump rings and a clasp on the unfinished ends. Then, simply decorate the loops with beads, crystals or rhinestones, attaching headpins with the beads on them. You can add as many or as little beads as you want! I used silver beads, crystals and leftover rhinestone chain.
Bracelet No. 10
-Edgy Macrame Wrap-
Step 1: Start the square knot sinnet. Cut one piece of cording (yellow) that is 3.5 times the length of your wrist. Cut a piece of (blue) cording that is about 8′ long, and fold both of these cords in half. String on a jumpring and tie a knot to secure. Place the yellow cords in the middle. Take the rightmost blue string under the yellow towards the left. Take the leftmost blue string under the excess of the right string, over yellow and behind the right string again. Pull both strings evenly to tighten.
Reverse the directions for the second knot. Pull tight again. 
View the pictures for help!
Once you have a couple of knots, simply add on a metal bead to each blue string and catch them within the knot!
If you need more help with this technique, view this tutorial!
Don’t they just look like a fiesta!?
The mix of beads here gives a very detailed look. Goody Beads has got just about every shape and size. I love those brass cubed beads and the gold square beads I used because they have great texture.
Using magnetic clasps here makes them super easy to take on and off. 
These would also be great to make as friendship bracelets. Pick your favorite bracelet style and make them in different colors for your friends! Or, you could make your friend all 10 styles if you are feeling generous!
Wear with minimal other accessories for a statement.
These quirky cat tights and knuckle ring are from Generation Bliss!
Pair with tights or leggings, combat boots and an oversize sweater for a grungy/cute, eclectic vibe.
Or wear with dark denim. Any way you choose, these bracelets are surely going to attract attention!!!
I think that was the longest tutorial ever.
If you make these, post pics to Instagram and tag with #quietlioncreations and @quietlioncreations. I’ll repost!
All photos/text copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post/use without linking back to me.



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