Distressed denim and drippy chain, crystallized orchids and creamy pearls. Recycle jeans in the BEST way by turning them into edgy jewelry! These orchids came from a broken hair clip, so why not reinvent them with a scrap of denim for glam grunge style?…… V 90’s but still v 2017.
To make your own, cut a piece of jean material (I used a thick part of the pant leg here – don’t use a very thin or stretchy piece, as the fabric will be too weak. Distress it with a metal file, Xacto knife and/or bleach dye it. Sew on your favorite stones and more, then finish with ribbon ends. As ‘ya can probably tell, I didn’t have a long ribbon end, so used 2 smaller ones. With the weight of the piece, it actually holds better.
Currently creating a bunch of pieces for a string of shoots next month – DIYs coming as well ☆☆☆

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