What a doll!
For this tutorial, I took inspiration from this little Geisha bead from Beadmixer.
The clean whites but pops of contrasting red/pinks and greens.
I decided to mix materials by weaving cotton and a mix of glass and porcelain beads through flat silver cable chain from Cousin.
How perfect are these porcelain flower print beads, also by Beadmixer?
I am in love with Beadmixer’s selection of porcelain beads. They are all a little different and in all different colors and shapes. I knew I wanted to feature them in this design!
I love the fun, “lightness” to the design, while still using a chunky chain and larger beads. Taking hues of pink and red directly from the geisha charm, as well as the floral element makes for a perfect combo.
Usually pinks and reds are not paired together. I say why not?? Last year, fashion runways showed color blocking in a new way, with similar hues like orange/red, pink/red and a mix of blues/purples paired with each other. I am still lovin’ the trend a year later. 
If you make your own, find a color combination that works for you! 
Be sure to check out the Beadmixer site, ESPECIALLY if you love to use vintage rhinestones.
You can also connect with Beadmixer through their:
Are we ready? Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are:
-6mm or 8mm glass beads (I used pink)
-Embroidery floss
-Large link flat chain- mine from Cousin-you can buy from the link or at AC Moore stores 
-Porcelain flower print beads. I used Beadmixer beads
-A large porcelain charm. Mine was a geisha charm from Beadmixer
You will also need a clasp and some jump rings, as well as pliers and headpins.
Step 2: Cut two 1.5 foot pieces of embroidery floss. 
Starting somewhere in the middle of the length of chain (you could also start at the end), thread the floss up through a link. Make sure there is about 4″ of thread to the left of where you started threading, you will need to knot this later. Add on a porcelain bead, then thread down through the fourth link next to it. add on a bead, and thread up the fourth link from that chain. They should lay next to another.
Repeat this process unit you have enough porcelain beads threaded on to make your bracelet long enough for your wrist.
Take off the extra links on either side of your porcelain beads to secure the length of the bracelet. If you started at the end, only take off the long excess on the other side of your beads.


Step 3: Then, thread through the end link. Add a glass bead, and thread down two links over. Thread up through the next link. Thread on another bead, and thread down two links over. Thread up through the next link.


Keep repeating this process. It helps to lay the bracelet on your knee instead of a table because it will curve and be easier to weave with. I kept going until the pink beads reached the end of my chain.
Then, take both ends of the floss and tie in knots, incorporate the red floss from the porcelain beads. Make sure the are woven in opposite directions on the end link of chain so that the knot stays put.
Add your extender chain with jump rings to the end of the chain, and add your charms here with looped headpins. That’s all there is to it!
Try out all different bead and color combos! Gold chain would look sweet with bright blue and white for a Grecian look, while copper chain would pair with turquoise and silver. 
As for the geisha charm, Beadmixer has all different colors and styles, and even has little russian doll charms and owls! They are totally unique and quirky which I love.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you make this bracelet, be sure to post on Instagram and tag @quietlioncreations!! I’ll repost it!
All photos and text copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post/use tutorial without linking back to me.