I surely seek out graffiti in any city – it’s the perfect backdrop, no? When you’re literally across the world in Hong Kong, you expect there to be a plethora of lights, colors and sounds. The rapid brushstrokes of this graffiti perfectly mimicked the energy in Times Square, and the random skater stickers provided that necessary punk vibe. My outfit of sporty sneaks, a longline laceup dress, Wednesday Addams braids and sparkly jewels somehow fits the place. Add a crazy fur scarf (even though it was about 80 degrees) and oversized sunnies to pretend you’re a celebrity. Lol, nobody was fooled.

I’m not sure how close in style/scale Hong Kong’s Times Square is to NY’s (never been), but I’m sure the sheer volume of people shopping is pretty similar. We could hardly walk Causeway Bay without being squished like sardines while spotting out boutiques, food stands and even cute cat cafes (don’t get any weird ideas people, read more about it here).

Stay tuned to view my entire China post – seven cities, two weeks, so much to see.

All photography in this post taken by my China PIC, Bianca, and edited by me.

A special thank you to Generation Bliss Boutique in the Chicagoland area for providing the laceup dress – check them out at generationbliss.com!


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