I’m kind of on a sewing kick. 
 First it was hats with hearts….now shoes.
My inspiration was from the Dolce and Gabbana RTW Fall 2013 show. Like it may be my favorite ever. This and Balmain Fall 2013. I had been meaning to make a tutorial after this insanely amazing show, but never got around to it. So here it is.
I loved the jewel tones and layer upon layer of crystal, lace, texture and detail.  
Of course I am obsessed with sparkle and shine, so naturally I used Cousin brand crystals and rhinestone chain to create a small but sparkly appliqué that adds a bit of an exotic flair.


These are quick to make and like all of my tutorials can be customized to suit your taste. 


The mix of the crystals, rhinestone chain and metal rhinestone beads mimic the detailing of the Dolce show, and also stand out on anything you add them to!


Step 1: Gather materials. I used Cousin Jewelry Basics 6mm and 8mm crystals in ruby, emerald, sapphire, onyx and crystal. Keep the look jewel-tone here for a Dolce feel. You will also need a sewing needle, a piece of black suede (mine from an upcycled vintage skirt), Cousin metal rhinestone beads, and Cousin red/gold rhinestone chain. Of course, you’ll need shoes to apply these to (you can find glitter flats similar to mine here).
Step 2: Cut the 24″ length of rhinestone chain in half. Get your pattern down by laying it on the suede, making sure your chain can snake through the beads and wrap around each one of them. You can use my pattern if you don’t want to mess around! 
This is my pattern; I used 2 ruby beads, one emerald, one onyx, one sapphire, one crystal and two multicolored rhinestone beads per appliqué. The colors correspond to the crystal color. The black is the rhinestone chain, snaking its way through the beads. The red arrows show the direction you should wrap, and also where you might want to tack down the chain when you sew.
I started by sewing down my crystals. I reversed the pattern for the other appliqué so that they would be mirrored when I placed them on my shoes. Make sure to mirror your pattern so that it doesn’t look awkward! Once you’ve got all your crystals sewed on (making sure you work from top to bottom, DO NOT jump from sewing on the first bead to the furthest one, because there will be way to much excess string on the backside which may snag. Just sew cleanly.
After I have my beads sewn down, I started with snaking and tacking the rhinestone chain through. I followed the exact direction that I have noted above in the pattern. Make sure you tack this chain down plenty, so it doesn’t buckle up.
Once you’ve got this pattern all sewn down, cut out each appliqué, giving enough space around the actual beads so you don’t accidentally cut what you’ve sewn!
Get your shoes. I took E-6000 glue and spread a thin layer on the back of my appliqué, then placed it on the center of my shoe. I let the glue dry. The purpose of the glue is to make sure it stays in place; I get annoyed when things are moving as I am trying to sew, and then it ends up in the wrong place, so alas, the glue.
After the glue dried, I reinforced by sewing the edges of the appliqué down.
When you’ve gotten all the edges (see if you can lift up parts of the appliqué and if you can, tack it down) knot the string to hold, cut and glue the knot again for extra reinforcement.
And ta da! Super original shoe glam.
You can add these appliqués to really any shoe; I have loafers here, but try other types of flats, even sandals or boots.


The jewel tones give a look of opulence! 


This is great for sprucing up a pair of plain flats. I of course need the extra bling with my glitter loafers but if maximum shine is not your thing, choose what you like! 
If you have a pair of leather moccasins, maybe do a turquoise/silver themed appliqué to add a bit of modern western glamour. 


Images (except Dolce and Gabbana picture) and instructions copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not use/post this tutorial or pictures without crediting and linking to me.




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