From Karen London
I like to get ready for the holidays early; well, my wardrobe at least! And of course, jewelry is the most important part. I found these designer earrings by Karen London on, an online store filled with designer jewels and more. I loved the chic look of the earrings, and the simplicity and monochromatic color. I found a way to make my own, altered version, using very simple “ingredients”. I also made them in a gold instead of silver color scheme, and tapered the length of each dangle. The sequins are super sparkly and eye-catching, and are perfect for upcoming gatherings. Best part, you can choose any color or color combination for your earrings!

My version; I used gold.

My version, on.
Also, I didn’t want to use a ton of jump rings for these earrings. The original earrings are connected by two jump rings per sequin. I found a way to make a “garland” of sorts to connect all the sequins instead! Save your jump rings for another project! 🙂
FYI- please excuse the teal paint on my hands in the pics! I was in the midst of another project when taking them!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are glue, sequins (with no holes, I bought these at Michaels), scissors, embroidery floss, two crimp beads, two earwires, and a toothpick. And, as always, pliers.
I made mine in a gold color scheme. The also end up being about 4″ long, just like the original designer ones. Feel free to experiment with colors and lengths to make a customized pair for yourself!

Step 2: Make the sequin garland. Take the embroidery floss apart to it’s individual strands. Run ’em through a hair straightener to make them nice and straight. Pick out your sequin colors. You will need 18 sequins for the first drop (pair them up so you have nine sets). I used all gold. Dab a spot of glue in the middle of a sequin with your toothpick. Take the string about 2″ down from the end, and place right in the center of the sequin. Take your other sequin, and sandwich the string, placing it on top of the below sequin and squish together to adhere.

Step 3: Time to add your second sequin pair. Leave about a half centimeter of string in between each pair of sequins. Again, add a spot of glue to the center of your next sequin. Lay the string in the center, and sandwich. Squish the other sequin on top, making sure you place it exactly on top so there are no edges sticking out anywhere. Continue this process. Make sure the space in between sequins is as exact as can be (.5 cm), to keep the earrings looking clean and professional. It may seem slow at first, but it will go faster as you get used to the process! Continue with your nine sequin pairs. When your pairs are all up, set this garland strand aside. Repeat process to make second dangle (both shown in last pic).

Step 4: Make the second (and third) dangles. For the second dangles, you need 12 sequins all together, so six pairs. Repeat above process to make two six-pair-sequin-long dangles (shown in second pic). Finally, for the last dangle, you need 10 sequins, in 5 pairs. Repeat process to make two five-pair-long dangles. For the earrings, split all your garland into one 9-sequin-long, one 6-sequin-long, and one 5-sequin-long per pair (shown in last pic).
When the sequins are all dry, cut the end of the string right after the last sequin to finish the dangle. Refer to the picture if you need it!

Step 5: Finish the earrings. Take one group of your dangles and add a crimp bead to the top strings. Thread through the loop in your ear wire, and pass back through the crimp. Crimp shut with pliers. Cut strings right after crimp to clean.
Now, time to rock at a holiday party!

Sparkly sequins!
My earrings in different colors. Gold, multi, silver.
Wearing the trio!

If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated!