Neon is all the trend this spring!
Neon jewelry, clothes, and accessories are popping up everywhere. So, naturally I had to do a nail tutorial! 

The bright neon nail polish really makes the zebra stripes pop! It will definitely catch eyes. Wear it shopping, to the beach, everywhere! People will be amazed you did it yourself :).

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are white nail polish, neon colors (use three different colors), black nail polish, and clear coat. Now, for the stripes; I used Bundlemonster’s nail plates (which are just like Konad, but I got them for cheap from Ebay). I used plate BM16 with the Zebra pattern on it. 
If you don’t have plates, you can paint stripes on your nails with a thin paintbrush and the black polish.

Step 2: Paint the nails a base of white. Get your 3 neon colors and a q-tip, soaked with nail polish remover; this is so that you can quickly clean up any polish that gets on your fingers.

Step 3: With your first color, paint 1/3 of the nail. Then, QUICKLY, while the paint is still wet, paint the next 1/3 with your other color, blending a little bit. Then, again with wet paint, paint the last 1/3 of nail. The colors should be blended slightly. Clean off any polish on fingers with q-tip.

Step 4: Use the nail plate (when nail has COMPLETELY dried), or paint on the stripes. For the nail plate, paint a small amount of black on the top of the pattern. Use the scraper to scrape firmly against plate, bringing the polish into the whole pattern. Pick up this “decal” with the stamp, and then stamp immediately on nail, you want to sort of “roll” it from one side to another. 

Step 5: It should look like this! Clean up again with q-tip. Repeat on each nail!
When completely dry, paint on clear coat to seal.

Hi-Five! You did it


SO CUTE. The vibrant colors work so well with the zebra!!!


nice :).

I wish i could paint zebra print:( i really want to do this! xxx

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