Dark drama in the form of dripping crystals, plenty of chain fringe, rows of ruffles and an abundance of amazing architecture – the scene is set. With the chartreuse greens, onyx blacks and golden ocre tones of the Palmer House’s Empire Room, the somewhat melancholy mood sings songs in D minor…. It’s one of my favorite spots in the whole city, the aesthetic here is literally #goals. Trying to teleport this decor straight to my apartment…..

As for the jewels, myΒ #DIY necklace was created out of necessity – I desperately needed a new statement piece (I wear my Manhattan necklace much too often) so chose something bit more holiday-esque with jewel-tone emerald and chrome crystals. Simply layer up chain tassels with crystal beaded links, creating a waterfall effect. Use different color crystals and chain for creative combinations! Chunky cable chain acts as an anchor for these dangles, so I’d suggest using a thicker chain at top for a sturdier piece.

Staying true to my grunge roots, any bright, sparkly piece must be paired with something equally dark (and I’m not talking about my soul)…. This ruffle dress from Generation Bliss is so much yessssss. Great for any season or event, if you ask me.

Now, don’t mind me as I chill out under these chandeliers and candelabras for a while……

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Don’t steal them, it’s bad karma ☺.

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