It is okay to think about fashion when you want to look good but do you know it can also lift your mood and make you feel awesome? A recent study suggests that your fashion sense not only makes you look good but feel good too! A good outfit can instantly lift your mood, boost your self-confidence, and improve your mental wellbeing. It can project your personality and how you feel on the inside. So if you want to look and feel good, here are four tips you should consider implementing today.

Inject Some Color

The colors you wear can significantly affect how you feel. Fashion experts suggest that adding particular colors to your wardrobe can greatly affect your general wellbeing and mood. Although color perceptions can be subjective, some colors have universal meanings. For instance, while green tones can make you feel calm and stable, orange colors have been shown to bring positivity and energy. Therefore you should consider injecting a burst of color in your outfit— whether in your blouse, shirt, or accessories. Even the smallest color injection can do magic for your mood.

Own it!

Your clothing can significantly affect your confidence and self-esteem. For instance, wearing the latest style or luxury brand from Paris can instantly leave you feeling like a celebrity, and this can boost your confidence. You instantly boost your self-esteem when you are pleased with your appearance. It is no surprise that many people feel a sense of pride and belonging when they wear customized clothing that represents a brand or organization. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and easily shows off who you are is another way your style can make you feel confident. Therefore you can consider getting shirts with quirky quotes that show who you are, like these fun Easter shirts.

Reduce and Reuse.

There’s definitely an outfit you haven’t worn in a while. Interestingly some of these garments were what you once loved either because they made you stand out or just made you feel good. It could be your favorite shirt as a teenager, the birthday bracelet or watch you received from a loved one, or perhaps your wedding dress. These pieces can be your source of pleasure or pride. At this point, you might want to harness your emotions by wearing your feel-good outfits to lift your mood. Meanwhile, experts suggest nostalgia as the fashion industry’s future, so why not live the future now?

Add Fragrance

Some scientific research articles say that fragrance plays an important part in how you feel since it can invoke a memory or remind you of a particular period of your life. For instance, nostalgic fragrances have been shown to conjure thoughts of a joyful or great time in our lives to boost your mood and encourage you to think more positively. Same way, fragrance can also keep you relaxed since some aromas or essential oils like lavender or jasmine are known for their ability to make us feel calm and collected.

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