Wire wrapped bangle diy, quietlioncreations.com

Delicately dripping with subtle shimmer and shine, these simply chic bangle bracelets combine wire wrapping and natural stones in the best of ways. Freshwater pearls and gemstone chip beads compliment each other insanely well – their irregularity in color and form creates an organic symphony of texture – perfectly contrasted by the thin, metallic bangle base.

Wire wrapped gemstone bracelet diy, quietlioncreations.com

You cannot go wrong with these – the hanging chain accent and briolette charms add interest, and don’t weigh the piece down. If there are any crafters who cringe at the thought of wire wrapping (sometimes it can get bulky and otherwise clunky) fret not- these airy bracelets will be just your style!

Choose color combinations which suit your tastes, and be sure to experiment with different types of gemstone chips. I’ve found that labradorite (my favorite!!) is that perfect muted grey-blue color that goes with everything. Prehinite (the green stone) also has a cool mix of dark and light shades, great for a contrasted piece.

Wire wrapped bangle diy, quietlioncreations.com

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are gold and silver bangle blanks (similar here), gold and silver cable chain, 5-10mm faceted drop briolette beads (labradorite here, amethyst here,hessonite here), 6-8mm freshwater pearls (multiple colors here), gemstone chip beads (find a good mix of colors here), 26g wire and 28g wire (stainless steel wire here). You will also need wire cutters and flatnose pliers!

Step 2: Cut about 3′ of your 26g wire. I am mixing metals here, which is what I often do. You can keep the wire the same color as your base, if preferred. Wrap the very end tightly around the base, 3-4 times. Start at the closure of the bangle.

String on a gemstone chip, then catch the chip in another tight wrap around the bangle. Wrap twice with no bead.

Add another bead, and catch it in a wrap. Wrap twice without beads. Continue this until you have approx. 10-11 gemstone beads wrapped on.

It should also be about a third of the way around the bangle or so.

Wire wrapped bangle diy, quietlioncreations.com

Step 3: Using the same technique, wrap on about 5-6 freshwater pearls. Use complimentary colors – here, aquamarine chips and rosy pearls match perfectly! Finish off by wrapping around the bangle 5 times without a bead, then cut excess. Use flatnose pliers to bend end of wire flush to bangle.

Step 4: Cut a piece of cable chain about 6-8″ long. I used silver to match the bangle. With your 28g wire, thread through a link about 1″ from the end of the chain, then wrap around bangle to catch link against bangle.

In a haphazard pattern, continue catching links and wrapping inbetween gemstone chips to imitate the look of “dripping” chain.

Step 5: Create two beaded drops with 28g wire and two faceted briolettes. Attach these to the two ends of your dripping chain.

Wire wrapped bangle diy, quietlioncreations.com

These look ultra high-end, almost as if they had been “dipped” in stones. I’d definitely also suggest wearing these as upper arm bracelets, if you have smaller wrists and can fit around your arm. That’s how I wear mine, and it gives any outfit a refined, bohemian vibe.

Or, simply stack them all up for major arm glam!

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