My new bitty bangles spell out a statement – of which you choose! Pair alphabet slider beads with embroidery floss and rhinestone spacers for simple to make – yet definitely unique – accessories!
If it were up to me entirely, I’d create an entirely black set that said something slightly sassy – but it’s the Internet, and I want to spread those good vibes. For all my boho souls and gypsies, this one’s for you!

Follow below for the full tutorial.

Step 1: Gather materials. You will need embroidery floss, rhinestone alphabet sliders (or any kind of alphabet slider bead — mix metals for a bohemian feel!), plain skinny bangle bracelets and super glue.

Simply arrange on your alphabet sliders on the bangle, in your chosen word or phrase.

Cut a 2 foot piece of embroidery floss and fold in half. Use an overhand knot to secure it near the middle of the bangle, or wherever your word starts.

Hold the knot and wrap the thread tightly around the bangle, all the way to the end.

Secure with another knot, and superglue in place. Wrap the other side of the bangle in the same manner.

Stack them up or wear along — the choice is yours!
I love the effect of tie dye embroidery floss, which is what I used here. I grabbed it at JoAnn Fabrics — they should sell some sort of floss in every craft store, though!

Spell your heart out people,,,,,just keep it somewhat appropriate. Or don’t. 🙂

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