I’ve had some fun with this collection!

I was inspired by these little character beads  to make a fun but still “manly” group of macrame stacking bracelets. A mixup of other materials adds to the collection. 

From handmade Peruvian ceramic beads, African bone, hand-carved wood, dyed leather, neon knotting cord, Czech glass and more, I’ve combined them all to create a bold neo-bohemian look.

Select materials here were from both Cousin Corporation and Goody Beads.
I offset the knotted bracelets with rosary-style long necklaces, including Cousin spike pendants for an edgy look. 

The stackable nature begs for attention. Character beads like a hula girl, baby shark, gnome, cute monkey, Mexican sugar skulls and more add that weird, quirky, fun vibe.

For the gothic look, metal skulls are offset by a bright neon pop!

All items in this collection are sold at Generation Bliss boutique. If you would like to order one of your own, visit Generation Bliss or email qlcreations@yahoo.com!

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. DO NOT use photos without permission.