stardust sparkler necklace tutorial by allison beth cooling


gold and silver ombre statement necklace

High shine silver+gold Tibetan beads rock the house. Right? When I first started making this necklace, I didn’t have a clear direction of where I was going. When in doubt, just make a ton of stuff and pile it all together. That’s my mantra. As a graphic designer, that is frowned upon. I used to get criticized by my designs while in school by teachers who just didn’t get it. A very minimalist aesthetic is their one and only preferred style. They don’t understand that everyone is different, has their own preferences, especially as artists. I was told to design only in the preferred minimalistic aesthetic of Chicago (where I went to school), and to forget my own voice. Ha that’s funny. Like that would be totally relevant if I moved to California or somewhere else, right? This is why you should only selectively listen to your teachers, kids. Please do what you feel is right and stay true to your vision!

holiday statement necklace tutorial

Piling all these beads together definitely worked here! The combo of the contrasting metals (plus copper headpins, who knew?) create a totally multihued, modern bohemian look in this beaded statement necklace. The classic silver and gold are offset by that cool, almost grungy shadowed look of the faceted beads. When stacked all together, they take on a very elegant look!

beaded metallic statement necklace tutorial

Layering these beads next to each other creates an almost fringe-like look. It’s super simple too; just by looping the ends of headpins, all your charms are made. Then, you just have to string them on beading wire. Looks way more complicated, right?

beaded statement necklace diy

I love the mix of shapes here. The ball-end headpins add that little speck of copper. The silver disc beads with detailed metalwork update a normal bead and add highlight and shadow. The gold faceted rounds compliment the shadows of the disc beads. And the chunky faceted cubes add that much-needed weight and continue the ombre-look of the necklace. Other metal combinations that would look sick are gunmetal and champagne, or even try a matte metal and high shine (in the same tone) combo. Insane!

This will use a lot of beads! Make sure you have a hefty stash of whatever you choose to use. I originally was gonna use seed beads and crystals; but, quickly changed my mind when I paired these beads together. I loved the super flashy yet elegant look!

I made a shorter, collar-style necklace. You can make yours any length you want, but these look best short. Are we ready to start?! 

Step 1: Gather materials:
-A lot of ball-end headpins. Mine from Cousin Corporation
-Beading wire (not pictured). Mine from Cousin Corpation
-Either seed beads, or small 3mm metal beads.
-4mm or so metal beads (can also use crystals)
-Crimps, a clasp, and jumprings. The basics.
-Roundnose pliers ands wire cutters.

There are many different combinations for this necklace; try out combos on headpins and see which you like best! I originally was pair the silver discs with teal seed beads; but then, switched to these faceted gold beads for a shiner look. The rightmost picture was me figuring out what beads I wanted! I can think of so many combinations that would look smashing, and more necklaces will be coming soon!

You will need A LOT of headpins here, at least 100. I used around that amount.
Begin filling all headpins with your bead combo; I used 5 disc beads then 3 faceted gold beads per headpin. 
Cut and loop the ends of all headpins to create charms.
Simply cut a 20″ or so piece of beading wire (a couple inches longer than you want your necklace to be) and alternate two charms with one bigger bead (I used faceted gold cube beads to continue the golden ombre look) and repeat. Keep going until you have used up all your charms; if you have about 100, there should be about 4″ or so where you can just bead your bigger beads to continue your necklace, so that your charms don’t go all the way up. You want them centered in the middle. When you’ve beaded the necklace, attach crimps and a clasp and cut shut. 
Super easy right?! But with maximum impact!

Even though I didn’t mean it, this would be a great New Years accessory. Silver and gold are classic, but this edgier look is an update.

Wear this with something simple, like a black dress, or even a white tee with distressed jeans for that contrasted look.

You could also make really long charms, a cluster of them, just as a center pendant. Then, instead of beading, use chain as the “arms” of the necklace. This would be a cool layering piece!

I’ll surely be making more styles soon. Check back!

“Do what you like and do it honestly”

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