Sticks n stones and South Side Chi silos, Nik really hooked us up with this killer shoot location. I always love me some good graffiti; the more colorful, the better. There’s probably hidden obscenities lurking in the drippy backdrops, but that’s what makes these types of shoots all the more, ahem, unique!

 A busted-out wall made for easy entrance into the abandoned silo, but the adventure could quickly have gotten out of hand. (Nik, in Greek accent) “C’mon Al, let’s climb to the top I do it all the time, just grab this rope and climb up to those stairs.”

I look up. Said rope is outside the building, above water, and the steel wallside stairs creak and shuffle in the September breeze. The building is probably 20 stories high, lowballing. “Um NO. Absolutely NOT.”

“Ok, let’s go to the basement then.”

We walk around the main building to a small Hobbit-sized hole. Cue Greek accent — “Yes, let’s climb down here, there is a cool hallway at the back with metal bars-“

I poke my head in the hole. I cannot see the floor. Something dark and large is in the corner. Oh hell naw.
“Nik, let’s take it easy for today. Outside only.”

That girl would do great on Survivor.


In usual QLC style, more is BETTER! Graffiti! Sequins! Statement jewelry! But, you’ve gotta always mix that high and low, here in the form of copper sparkles on top and ripped jeans, sporty sneaks on bottom. Homage to Kanye here, he’d probably stare at himself in the reflection of those sequins,,,, no doubt.

My Dreamweaver necklace was made with 100% Cousin Corporation supplies (grab at most craft stores!), while the simple chain choker was created from small sterling connectors. Those wrap bracelets are great everyday pieces – wear with just about anything. The neutral tones play off all colors, case and point.

Copper sequin crop, distressed jeans from Generation Bliss.  Sneakers Yeezy Boost 350.



I have been legit LOOKING for a great view of the skyline, and this location provided it perfectly. The wind was working for us (it is the Windy City, of course) and making this monarch-chic Generation Bliss pleated skirt float and sway.

This outfit is fiercely feminine (you’re used to at least a little grunge with me, correct?) but surely offset by that chainmaille vest for some added edge. Made from a bunch of oval jewelry connectors and jump rings, its almost-scaly surface acts as a delicate armor. 

Body chain / bracelets by me, Black bodysuit and Butterfly skirt from Generation Bliss.  Shoes, Aldo.



Niks like, “I want to take a picture by the Shut Up, it’s funny”. And so there we go, trekking through what looked like multiple 7-Eleven dumpsters that had been attacked by the Zombie Apocalypse, to make it to this quirkily saucy wall. Mind you, she’s in heels, and I’m struggling to hold nine fully-filled clothing hangers, a menagerie of already tangled jewelry, two backpacks, a new laptop and Nik’s dad’s extremely expensive Canon. But, you do what you must.

It’s kinda 90’s here with that silky cami top and chunky choker. Layer said choker with a longer tassel necklace for some dimension. Black on black is even better, we’re all about that chic darkness, even in satin shine. We found the pièce de résistance outside in that awesome skull graffiti, so much yas.

Three looks were enough for us that day, it was getting time for some Starbucks. I’d for sure go back to this location, though. There were great areas we didn’t have the energy to shoot at. All other Chicago photogs or creatives, be sure to check it out!

Necklace and choker by me, top and skirt from Generation Bliss.  Shoes, Aldo. Purse, Gucci.

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