Seriously, this is so easy. A no brainer. Excuse the photos- were taken on my phone!
I chose this Prada “Marfa” sign to create on a canvas- simply drawn, not painted! Read below to copy me, you know you want to. 

Collect a canvas, a set of xacto knives, a cutting board, sharpie and a stencil. This stencil can be a quote, logo, or any simple graphic ( I googed Prada Marfa sign for mine and printed in black and white).

Cut out your stencil. I measured beforehand and had to print out two halves of the stencil because my canvas was bigger than 8.5X11″.

Tape stencil to canvas.

Trace stencil.

Color in with Sharpie.

DONE, done and done. Way to easy….be on the lookout for more.!.!
That’s all folks!