How cute! I love this necklace from Modcloth by designer Hannah Makes Things because of it’s simplicity and bright colors. Plus, it goes with just about every outfit because of the colors! So, I knew I had to make this into a great and easy tutorial. Talk about two steps easy. Yep. 
Take that.

Can you guess what is inside the bottle? Something you perhaps have in your cabinets right now?
Sprinkles. Mmmmmm…..
If you have bigger sprinkles, or even ones in different shapes (I’m thinkin’ those dinosaur ones, or maybe even little hearts and stars, or those pearl ones that you are NOT supposed to eat)…..feel free to use them here to make a customized necklace!

Cute and kitschy!
Let’s get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, a chain and a jumping, sprinkles, and a glass bottle charm (they have these at Michaels or JoAnn fabrics, however I found mine in the nail art section of the dollar store).

Step 2: Fill bottle with sprinkles. Place cap on bottle (you can add some superglue to the sides of the cap before securing for added strength if you’d like). Attach bottle charm to chain. Done!

How it looks on; dainty yet eye-catching.