the latte of my {goth} dreams…

charcoal x coconut milk x glitter it’s truly the stuff {goth} dreams are made of…. Where? Chocolate Pi, Tampa I had been seeking out charcoal lattes, like elusive magical unicorns, ever since seeing the trend on Pinterest a few months ago. After spotting a charcoal latte on a friend’s Instagram post, I immediately asked her … Continue Reading

*practically* magic

Calling all witches, warlocks, fortune tellers and gypsies alike – gather up the squad for some spells, stories and maybe a spirit or two….. This wooded cove provided major Blair Witch vibes with its gnarled branches and secluded locale. The subtle crunch of littered leaves cut through an eerie silence, while the breeze between tangled … Continue Reading

hocus ☽ pocus

The moon and sun, stars and spells, cemetery secrets and statement sparkles – throw ’em all into a big cauldron and mix it on up. Nothing pairs better with this celestial kimono than bold gold and oversaturated sparkles. Well, plus black, but that’s always a given. If you live in Chicago and haven’t heard of Bachelor’s Grove,… are … Continue Reading