Tick, tock, never run out of time with these insanely chic vintage-inspired necklaces! Antique watch faces star here as focal pendants, complimenting drippy metallic chain and faceted crystals.

These watch faces were all found at an estate sale — I spotted that middle one in a jar of buttons and  baubles, and just knew it had to be mine. A combination of the weathered finish, Art Deco design and muted olive color stood out in a sea of bygone sparkle.

It looked like something straight from the German movie Metropolis, making me believe it was a 20s era design. I took it to an expert and found it was a Speidel, but not worth mega bucks…$$$…

So, instead of re-selling it, why not re-make something with it? Hence, these DIY watch necklaces! Upcycling / recycling is always in style — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

More lightweight, and with an etherealness to them, these are great everyday pieces. Chic enough for work, yet still fun enough to mix and match with maxi dresses or a tee and jeans for play. Plus, you’ll never be late …. or so we all hope….

I’ve complied all my (easy!) steps to make this in my usual tutorial format for you guys. Have fun!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are watch faces, eyepins, headpins, a toggle clasp, cable chain, 4mm jumprings, 4mm bicone crystals and a larger 8mm-10mm crystal.

Step 2: Cut 5 pieces of cable chain, one longest, two medium, and two shorter. You can choose your lengths, I kept my longest about 2″.

Cut an 18″ piece of chain, and attach toggle ends to each side. Attach the top of the watch with a jumpring to the center of the chain. Set aside until last step.

On an eyepin, thread a crystal, then alternate between chain pieces and crystals. Loop the other end to finish. Bend into a V shape

Step 3: Cut two more medium pieces of chain, and attach to either side of the beaded link. Attach at top with jumpring. Add your crystal focal bead drop to this jumpring. Add the bottom loop of the watch to the top of the jumpring to finish.

Be sure to play around with crystal colors. Obviously, clear crystals match most outfits, but a pop of color with these blue or purple crystals doesn’t ever hurt.

I’ll leave you with more inspo pics to follow, as usual!

“There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator.”

-Metropolis, 1927

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