These dainty necklaces are just perfect for any outfit. The mixed metals offer a ton of shine and subtle contrast. I love mixing metals, mainly because I am obsessed with anything shiny! You have to be careful when mixing though, otherwise the look can go a little haywire. 
These metals all work together here, because the metal type (all brilliance shine) match and the scale of the materials are all about the same. I wouldn’t mix a dark, antique, dull-shine metal with a high-shine silver one, it may end up looking a little strange. Also, don’t finish a piece with silver findings if you’ve used gold metal in the rest of the design. Keep the look consistent by finishing with the same metal you’ve been using.
Of course, I know there may be exceptions to my rules, there always is! That’s why you should experiment and see what you like!
These necklaces when layered give a cool boho-look, but when worn alone offer delicate detailing to an outfit. These are right on-trend, with most of Hollywood ditching huge, clunky jewelry for smaller, daintier pieces. These wear like a “second skin”, and it’s ok if you forget to take them off before bed. Obviously, this no-fuss jewelry is popular with the busy Hollywood socialite population. Jewelry designer Dannijo has just paired up with actress Rashida Jones to create a line featuring teensy gold earrings and tiny charm necklaces, all meant to be worn every and all day.
To style these delicate necklaces, pair them with a bright print pant, simple black tunic, and contrasting bag. Add edgy combat boots to fill out the look! This is great look for shopping or walking in the city!
*Outfit Credits: Pants by Erdem, bag by Marc Jacobs, boots by Aeropostale*
Ok, let’s get started….
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers and wire cutters, 4mm or 3mm metal beads, gold or silver cable chain, 28g wire, and either 20 or 18g wire.
I used Cousin’s 28g wire and Gold Elegance 14K plated chain, because the quality is much better. If you plan on giving these as gifts, I strongly suggest using Cousin’s “Elegance Metals” line, because these are all either gold plated, or stainless steel, or platinum plated. They won’t tarnish like ordinary chain, and make for better gifts!
You can get Cousin materials at any major craft store, but I like Michael’s the best!
Step 1: Cut a 3″ piece of wire. With your pliers, loop the ends.


Step 2: Cut a foot of your 28g wire. With the end, wind around the wire right up against the loop about 5 times. Add on a metal bead. Hold it against the wire, then wind the wire around the frame, right next to the bead, keeping it tight. Wind around 3 times. Add another bead, and continue this process until you reach the end.


Step 3: At the end, wind the wire around just the frame for another 5 times, matching the beginning. Then cut the wire flush. Add your silver chain with silver jump rings on each loop of the frame to finish!
These would be great to give to your cool girlfriends; they will appreciate the tiny details here and will love that they can throw this necklace on with any outfit!
I made a double-decker one by attaching each loop with a jumpring, then adding another ring to the top loop, and attaching that to the chain.
Wear one or more!
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