The Emilio Pucci Pre Sp/Su 2014 collection is so cool, I had to make a tutorial based on it. 
For this tutorial, I tried to capture the elegance with detail as seen in the collection, as well as the color palette. I used chain as well as pearls from Prima Bead. Crystals and chain/metals is what is popular now, as seen in many designers’ collections including Tom Binns.


What’s great about this bracelet is that it can be stacked with other bracelets to create impact! Also, it is much cheaper than anything bought in a store!
 Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed is fishing line (an unconventional way to string with because it is so strong), chunky chain, bead soup (a mix of crystals and pearls and/or metal beads), and a clasp with crimps. You will also need pliers.


Step 2: Take your fishing line and cut a long piece; I didn’t exactly measure, mine was maybe 4 feet long. Fold this in half, and then make a Larks Head Knot on the end of the chain; make sure the chain is the length you want your bracelet. Crimp the knot onto the chain end, but don’t pull the string super-tight; fit your jumpring for your clasp on through the knot and close the ring. 


Step 3: Thread on a small bead through both of the strings. Take one of the strings, and thread it under this link of chain (second pic) then, thread this same string back up through the next link on the chain (third pic). Both of your strings should be facing upward, as seen.


Step 4: Repeat the last step for every link, alternating crystals and pearls. For finishing, thread on a crimp, thread on the clasp, and thread the strings back through the crimp. Crimp shut and cut the extra fishing line.
You can use a magnetic clasp as well here, it would be easier to put on yourself!


Make these with different color crystals or chain and layer them for a luxe look.


If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated! Don’t use my photos without crediting me please!




looks really luxurious

Wow !!

I am definitely going to try this one! Thanks for sharing it.

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