DIY Spike necklaces by

Spikes seriously never get old. If you couldn’t already tell, I love anything with a dark vibe – skulls, spikes and the like. These subtly chic diy beaded necklaces combine colorful seed beads and streamlined spike pendants for a perfectly contrasted piece.

DIY Spike necklaces by

If you’re a beginner, this is a great tutorial to get started with — it takes simple techniques, but the minimalistic quality definitely makes these pieces look luxe. Plus, they don’t take long to make, meaning you can whip up these for your friends or family as well as yourself!

DIY Spike necklaces by

I’m loving those long bugle beads- I don’t work with bugle beads often but decided I should probably start. They’re unexpected and definitely give a geometric quality to these long necklaces. Layer these up for spikes upon spikes!!

Let’s get started.

DIY Spike necklaces by

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are size 11 seed beads (in a mix of colors), eye pins, 1″ bugle beads (find some here), 18″ cable chain, a lobster clasp, wire cutters, round nose and flat nose pliers, 4mm or 6mm jump rings and a spike charm (colorful ones here).

Step 2: Make 2 bead links from long bugle beads and eye pins. Connect these two links at the middle with a 4mm jumping. Attach a spike charm to a 6mm jumpring, and attach to the 4mm jump ring.

Create 6 bead links with your seed beads. Pick 4 colors, and then bead 3 seed beads per color, alternating colors to create stripes. Loop the ends and cut excess wire to finish these links.

Step 3: Use another eye pin, and alternate seed beads and the top loops of your 6 bead links to string on a pattern. Loop the end of this eye pin and cut excess.

Repeat with other side of panel.

Attach the top two loops of the panel to 18″ of cable chain, using 4mm jump rings.

DIY Spike necklaces by

Step 5: Attach the bottom two loops of panel to your spike dangle using 4mm jump rings.

Find the middle of the 18″ chain, cut, and then attach your 6mm jump rings and clasp to finish the necklace.

DIY Spike necklaces by

Super simple, right?

If you wanted to switch up the pattern on the beaded panel, feel free to do so. You could do a solid color if you’re not into patterns too. Play around with color combinations and switch up the chain finishes like I did here for a bohemian vibe.

Like I said before, these would be perfect to make for your squad – every squad is better when sporting handmade jewelry, no?

If you do decide to make these, post a pic to Instagram and tag me @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!!

BTW does anyone get the title? Any Chicagoans here? Blackhawks fans? Where my peeps at? Holler in the comments!
     DIY Spike necklaces by       

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