Bright spring sparkles!
It’s a daintier look, inspired by my Candy Shoppe Amulet necklaces. I am digging the looped wire links thing. These earrings are dripping with crystals, just like a waterfall.
I’ve collected a bunch of Cousin brand crystals, which I love for their uniformity and versatility. Cousin Jewelry Basics crystals I would recommend to anyone, especially because they are a LOT cheaper than paying for Swarovski. They come in a rainbow of colors and sizes. You can find them at all craft stores!


I’ve paired those crystals (in various shapes: rondelles, rounds, bicones) with Cousin rhinestone pave beads and rose gold fishhook findings from Cousin’s Elegance Metals line. The Elegance Metals collection is great because you get that fine jewelry quality without paying full price! You can get Platinum, Stainless Steel, Gold, Rose Gold and other fine metal plated pieces that add a higher-end feel to any piece. Plus, they are great for people who may be sensitive to metals.


I’ve used a complimentary color scheme here; pinks and teals make each other pop, and the champagne metallic thread adds that luxe touch.


You can get these Cousin materials at, Michaels, JoAnn, Walmart and AC Moore stores.
Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are:
-Various size crystals. I used 8mm crystals, smaller 4mm bicones, 6mm rounds, and rondelles. Pick crystals that suite your tastes! You can find crystal bead mixes online here and here
Get out your collection of beads, and start picking your favorites…
Put yours into a 3-stranded arrangement that you like. You can see my arrangement in the top picture. 
Start by making links, much like in my Candy Shoppe Amulet Necklaces out of all the beads EXCEPT  the top bead in each strand. To connect the top bead, first start by linking one end of your wire in the hole on the fishhook. Add your bead, and connect the other side to the second bead in that strand, to connect the two pieces.


Your strands should be coming together. Keep working until all the beads are used and the strands are filled in.


To make the tassel, simply wind the floss around your fingers about 6 times. Carefully tie a small piece of thread at the top, and wrap with wire, cut the ends. Add a jumpring at top.


Attach this jumpring to the last loop of the middle strand. Finish by adding small crystals to the other two strands. 
Make these in any color you want! I went with a more vintage-inspired color palette and mixed metals with rose gold, champagne and regular gold.
These are a bit long if you prefer short earrings, so make as many or as little links as you want to play with the length. 
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