Breathe in, breath out. Om. 

This delicate Buddha and dainty Om give a sense of serenity to this simple bangle. This is truly a beginner tutorial, because it takes less than 10 minutes to make, and the materials list is concise. 

I’ve layered my bangle with some other bracelets for a cool, eclectic look. Get the tutorial on how to make my Sparkle Strands bracelets (green/pink) and Fiesta Bracelet (orange) to complete your own bracelet wardrobe!

This bangle was made from products within Cousin Corporation’s new line, “Daintyfied”. The line includes charms, chains, and components that can be mixed and matched to create lightweight, delicate jewelry that can be worn everyday! This collection hits Michaels stores August 15th, so look out for it! Also, it will be available on Prima Bead.

I am using the Buddhist charm set and the Bangle Bracelet for this tutorial. I also used 26 gauge Cousin wire and 4mm Cousin Jewelry Basics copper bicones. 

I simply cut a foot piece of wire, and wrapped it around the circular end of the bangle. After about 6 wraps (tight!) I added a bicone, and encased it in a wrap to hold in place. Then, I wrapped about two times with the wire, added another bead, and repeated. I used nine beads total. Wrap six more times with plain wire and cut flush to finish.

I added the Om and Buddha charms to the circle end of the bangle to finish. Voila! 

I decided to only wrap a little bit of crystals to keep the look dainty. Also, asymmetry in jewelry always  looks a little more modern and fresh!

You could easily do this look with any of the Daintyfied charms, and any colored crystals. Try pearls for a classy look, or even gemstone rounds for a bohemian vibe! Super lightweight and great for everyday wear.

You could of course wire wrap the whole bangle if you wanted, the possibilities!

Sparkly and makes a statement!

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling- do not use/post images without crediting and linking to me!