DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets by Quiet Lion Creations

These cute DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets combine metal beads, gemstones and shells for the ultimate summer accessory! They are an update to the classic knotted friendship bracelet, and are perfect for beginners – no tools required.

DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets by Quiet Lion Creations

I’ve created three different versions, in different metal tones. I love the bohemian mood that mixed metals bring, but if you want a simpler look, create your stack in matching metals.

DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets by Quiet Lion Creations

I chose my selection of gemstone beads in earthy colors – rose quartz, pale yellow jade and labradorite, for a softer look. If you prefer a bolder pop of color, you can use dyed agate or jade beads. These usually have a lot more of an intense color, and will make your piece stand out!

DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets by Quiet Lion Creations

Step 1

Gather materials. You will need cut cowrie shells (medium size), a 6mm jumpring, 24g wire (gold, silver or rose gold), 4mm metal ball beads (gold, silver or rose gold), 6mm gemstone round beads (I used rose quartz, labradorite, yellow jade), 0.8mm Chinese knotting cord in beige (nylon, not elastic).

Step 2

Cut an approx 3′ length of cord. Create a knot about 4″ from the end, and leave the end loose. Slide on a 4mm metal bead, then knot this bead into place. Slide on a 6mm gemstone, and knot into place. Keep alternating beads and knotting, until the strand fits very snugly around your wrist. My total length was approx. 6.15″.

Step 3

Cut an approx. 3.5′ length of cord. Repeat knotting like in Step 2, but using only 4mm metal beads. Knot until the length is the same as your strand from Step 2.

Step 3

Knot both ends of the strands together, as shown. Cut the shorter strand off after each knot, thread-burning the edge with a lighter to seal. You should have an <almost finished!> bracelet like the image at top.

Step 4

Cut a 8″ piece of cord, and create a sliding square knot sinnet that’s about 3-4 knots long, catching both strands in this sinnet so that it functions correct. Don’t tie super tight, but make snug knots so that the bracelet holds tight when worn, but can still be adjusted. Create a knot about 3″ after the sliding sinnet on each strand, then cut off excess cord. Thread-burn the end with a lighter to seal.

Cut a 4″ piece of wire. With the wire, create a wrapped loop on top of your cowrie shell.

Step 5

Use the 6mm jumpring to attach the cowrie charm to the beaded strand, right in the middle of your bracelet.

These look even better stacked, if you ask me, so be sure to make extras in different color schemes!

You can also replace the cowrie shell with any other bohemian-type charm. Coins and celestial motifs are some of my favorites!

DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets by Quiet Lion Creations
DIY Boho Beach Knotted Bracelets

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