Let’s face it, we all have been stuck at home for the majority of 2020 and 2021. If you’re looking to spruce up your home office, creative space, or playroom/media room, now is definitely the time!

When you do start the process, you’ll want to give special attention to how you organize things, and also the colors that you use. I’m all about the “vibe” of a space, so I would definitely suggest writing down your ideas on color, layout and more, before starting the redesign. If this seems like a lot to take in, below are some ideas to get you started!

Below are a few easy DIY ideas to updating your home office or creative space!

TIP: Incorporate as many do-it-yourself projects as you can to ensure that your new space is uniquely YOU!

1. Upcycle Wooden Tables and Chairs

When it is time to find chairs and tables, you can go to thrift stores! A lot of the time they have an amazing selection of unique items (for cheap!) that can be recycled/upcycled for your home office. Of course, if you’re wanting to find more comfortable and suitable furniture then online suppliers like these can help, comfortability and your physical health isn’t something you be looking to skimp on!

One of the easiest ways to give them new life is by adding paint patterns! I love the idea of using flowers or mandala patterns for a boho look, or geometrics for a more modern vibe. You can get stencils online, or can also buy stencils at craft stores, and then use these stencils to create your original patterns.

2.. Decorate the Walls

Decorating the walls of your space is also very important. You can buy wall decals or press-on designs to add a pop of color and pattern, without all the messy work of paint or wallpaper. The best thing about these is you can take them down when your tastes change, and add different ones.

3. Create a Polka Dot Accent Wall

Creating a polka dot accent wall is a fun playroom design or home office idea. If you’re up to . Buy a can of paint for the wall along with some small cans of primary color paint. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

Create secondary colors from the primary colors. Mix red and blue to make purple. You can make green by mixing yellow, and blue. You can also mix red and yellow to make orange. You of course buy the secondary colors pre-made, but this will take away some of the fun of mixing your own color.

Happy crafting, and have fun with our new space!